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Shane & Cameron


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
DAVID!! Keep these boys together and sign Cameron up as an exclusive! These two bonded like never before. Shane has met his match and I can only imagine things to come! 5 out of 5 Thank you!
Best oral scene since the guy that bought the models. The kiss was great!!!! and sexy. Keep these two going. Wow!
Shane & Cameron were made for each other! Get Cameron a hair cut, then pay whatever it takes to get them to flip flop. That would probably be the best video you ever made. Good work at pairing these guys.
David you wizard, lately your newbies are running about 95%, a real turnaround from the days of everything from Auschwitz to WeightWatchers. And your pairings are brilliant.

These two should stay as a couple, just as the other posters have said. There's way too much rapport to screw around with threeways, or, dread to think, a different partner for Cameron. The only guy I can imagine fitting in is Ashton of the subversive smile and the sly chortle. He and Shane look far more like bros than Shane and Cameron, and the three of them would be hot together. Slip ole Ashton a couple of Cialis half an hour before, just in case.

I've always said I was quite tall for my height. Cameron too. He's the tallest for his height among all the BSBs, given that in his stocking feet he's probably about 5"8'. I loved your incredulous vocal double-take when he told you how tall he wishes he were. You can't argue with adorable. Both of them. I've seldom seen Shane as cute as this time. Five.
This video was one of the best ever. I say ONE because there have been some truly great ones. But, Shane teamed with Cameron is simply magic. There is chemistry written all over this one in big bold letters. I think David really got into it as well since the camera work was superb. Shane is the ultimate pro and his upbeat personality seemed to mesh perfectly with the warm, honest and friendly personality of Cameron. I can't say keep them as a team forever because they would have a very short shelf life. But, careful teaming with some of your best models and both can and should be around for a long time. Shane, even in boxers (uggh) for the first time, is a fav and I can see Cameron slipping onto that list quite easily. Great job!
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I gotta add that to see Shane shoot twice was simply amazing and watching Cameron's eyes tear and the tear run down his nose and onto Shane's pubes was a first. Damn, this one should get a 10!
Shane and Cameron where outstanding keep these too together, this had to be the hottest one yet keep up the good work. I see them in a update on the 13th cant wait too see them in action it's going to be a hot one at that .

If you were looking at Cameron's hair maybe this video wasn't as hot as I think it is. Went back and looked. I like his hair. I also liked the way he showed Shane how to suck cock. That kid's got talent. Bet we'll be seeing more of him.

The chemistry between these two is fantastic. They are so hot and even hotter together. And don't you touch Cameron's hair. It gives him that bad-boy look that we love so well. Damn!
Brilliant scene with two great looking guys. Where the hell did Cameron learn to suck cock like that, and his willingness to wank Shane off was awesome. He could feel the build up in Shanes throbbing cock and proceeded to jerk him to a fast and effective cum shot.

The only thing that would have made this scene even hotter for me would have been to see Shane jerk Cameron off to orgasm but that didn’t happen – maybe next time.
This scene was brilliant, a perfect 5/5.

While I normally don't care for established porn stars (like Shane) in an amateur genre site, Shane really brings some amazing talent to the scenes he is in. I think an exception should be made for Shane, and plus he is not seen all over the place either. He's only in other sites' scenes here and there, on a semi-occasional basis. Which is surprising too, because he's very hot, and EXTREMELY great at sex!!!!!

Starting with a kiss, these guys were first class loving, sucking and fucking. Nice couple, with Shane staying hard, with a bulbous cockhead, after his deluge of hot fresh young cum. Excellent for cocksuckers who cherish sucking off spent cock.
Two great pesonalities that click, resulting in hot sex. What more could you ask for?