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Shane and Diesal


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May 28, 2010
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Who is fricken ready for SHANE and DIESAL :lol:

I am super excited for this. I am so glad that they are doing it in two parts. Shane and Diesal might be the hottest scene ever:thumbup: !!!! I am going to say this very well maybe the top scene of all time :):001_tt1::001_tt1:

I'm totally ready for that one... I think it will blow all our socks off....
Don't build your expectations too high

true, because then if we dont get the uber passionate super hot scene that we are most likely going to get we wont be disappointed....

....only one problem, i just cant even try to tell myself this scene isnt going to rock my world...
lol diesal never disappoints us. him and mike r can do no wrong!
lol diesal never disappoints us. him and mike r can do no wrong!

I am so on it with that :) I know it's going to rock our worlds... as horriable as it is I know I will be up in the middle of the night just to watch it :)))))))):001_tt1::001_wub::001_tt1::001_wub:
I have high expectations for everything and everyone, so disappointment is often my middle name.... However, I'm with Joseph, here, I've never been disappointed by a scene with Diesal, so my bets are ON!

omg this video was amazing!!!! me and deidra cant even speak...
I, for one was a little disappointed, but, I am not a huge Diesal fan. Different tastes, but he's not my ideal boy. I like them boyish with no ink. That's just my taste, so please, no attacks. What I'm leading up to, to keep up my policy of positive reinforcement is to see Shane, who is a porno workhorse, teamed up with some others who showed the same enthusiasm and stamina. A really hot duo, in my opinion, would be to pair him with Jordan. Did you see him power-bang that boy in his last scene? I believe that they are both tops, so, flip a coin, flip a boy. Call Lloyd's of London and take out an insurance policy on the futon. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Deidra, I'm glad that it fulfilled your dreams. Wring out your drawers, girl!
That video was so hot I had to install insulation software so my monitor would not over heat.:w00t::biggrin:
well i can't say, i was disappointed. shane has come a long way. from straight to i may be gay, or something like that. we watched him further and further. so he may be gay, he once believed he could be straight. not going to kick him for becoming what i am. a proud, gay man. he will always be one of my favorite models. and what can i say about diesal? he what i call a trouper. also, high on my list. i met him and just like him.
i would give it a 4.5, because one of model may be gay. gay guys do because they like it, not because they have a job to do. diesal stay in the game and kept me entertained. both are bankable models. because from welcome to the climax, this voyeur was entertained, i am giving it a 5.
Deidra, I'm glad that it fulfilled your dreams. Wring out your drawers, girl!

Oh Honey! I don't have to ring out what I dont have on!

And pity Joe who will have to endure me talking about this scene non-stop until the next update in 46 hours!
Shane Revisited

I've been reading the threads here and other places about Shane and Diesal. Several comments have been made about Shane doing the straight thing, bi-thing, gay thing. There has been mention of him being the "big" porn star that deigns to grace the Broke Straight Boys set and do some shoots.

I'm pretty much in the dark about Shane (or too lazy to look him up), but could someone give me some background information on Shane. Where he started, different sites, how he got to Broke Straight Boys or back to Broke Straight Boys Any info would be helpful.

Thanks :001_smile:
when a guy cums with a hard dick in his ass, i said someone gave a good fuck.
yeah! not going to gave it a 5 though. this was 4. there was hard man sex, but not much kissing. notice when david showed shane feet, diesal did not make shane's toes curl. i love it when the toes curl.
to see what i mean, check out jace with sean and leon. mama, he makes my toes curl.
This was a 5 scene on the basis of esthetics if nothing else. They both have such beautiful bodies and great faces that as long as they grinned complicitly at each other, kissed with some conviction, sucked and fucked, there was almost no other score for it. They're both naughty nice guys with lots of class and they're hot as hell. They're almost good enough actors to make it look like they enjoyed doing what they did even if they didn't, but I don't think they needed to fake this one since they obviously both loved it.

Toward the end, when Diesal folded Shane over to fuck him sideways, and then, instructed by David, folded him back toward the cam, you could see the shape of Shane's stiffy just for a nanosecond, when he changed jacking hands. It's a perfect wedge, really thick and broad at the base, and almost pointed as it comes up to the glans. Structurally it's the most reliable fuck tool going and it partly explains (maybe viagra or cialis is the rest of it) why this guy is instantly hard and stays that way throughout a scene. It was cute, however, that the diesaldick made his beautiful hole hurt just enough during the doggie to lose it for a while. It took getting on his back and seeing the hottie who was fucking him face to face to get his wedgie back to wood.

Tyler and Leon, this one is a hard act to follow.