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Jan 7, 2010
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hey i would like to see RABIB come bac and do some more videos. he was one of the hotest guys you had on the site. hope you can get him to come bac and do more...please!!!!!
Rabib was hot, but his limp dick wasn't very hot though. I admit, Rabib and Daxter's second scene on Broke Straight Boys was one of the hottest scenes in Broke Straight Boys history however, due to Daxter being hard before he even got naked, and then the chemistry between these two...and especially Rabib eating up every drop of Daxter's cum and then sucking Daxter's cock some more after he had cum all over Rabib's face and mouth!!!
I agreed, I agree and I will forever agree that Daxter and Rabib is the hotest couple that the Broke Straight Boys scene. But alas I fear that Rabib cannot be with us and as for Daxter - he's gone somewhere and no one knows where.
I have to confess that the 2nd video featuring Rabib and Daxter is still as far as I know the greatest video that Broke Straight Boys has filmed to this point. Daxter and Rabib are the only ones that there was never really much doubt about. They did a really awesome scene together and it is the only one that really makes you think that there is some actuall Broke Straight Boys out there. It is incredible that nerely every video done after that one which was done quite a long time ago has never captured the imagination as much as that one did. That video shall always be a work of art in the highest sense.

There was also the video of Tyler and Aidan, which was also done a long time ago. I was always amazed at how kind and concerning Aiden was to Tyler in that video. Aiden even made sure that the anal slamming that he was giving Tyler didn't hurt to much. Aiden was so caring about Tyler that I kinda wished Aiden would come back. He wouldn't recognize Tyler probably at this point but we need some more of the kindness and caring to their fellow models that Aiden always brought to the table. I think if you could get him back he would have many really great and compassionate scenes to offer to a new Broke Straight Boys I wouldn't mind doing a scene with Aiden myself but he's probably long since moved on to bigger and better things.