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  1. ChuckBluMedia

    Note about solo scenes on Broke Straight Boys & model page changes

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We have recently decided since there is a higher demand for duo scenes over new guy solo scenes ( of course :) ) we will now be showing new guys we introduce on Wednesdays instead of Sunday nights like we have in the past. On another...
  2. T

    Has any thought be given to offer survey

    perhaps it has been done. I am still trying to learn my way around this new set up. I really enjoy the older videos as to the new stuff. I was on line at first; then left. Except a few: the two bareback filmings; the suck & remining of the new bboy ?Chad. Totally str8 dude; look like...
  3. lpdude86

    Models Chest Hair

    Hey BSB Forumites: Here is a poll for you. Do you like to see the models: (this question pertains to chest hair only):001_smile: A) Natural, with the chest hair they are born with. B) With their chest hair trimmed neatly ("manscaped"). C) Shaved smooth and or waxed. D) With stubble from a...
  4. J

    BSB Can we please see more of Logan?

    Logan is one of my favorite models and I love to see him sensually top other sexy models...He used to do a lot of scenes but I haven't seen anything new from him in a while. Tell him to make a new, hot scene! Anyone else agree?
  5. B


    hey i would like to see RABIB come bac and do some more videos. he was one of the hotest guys you had on the site. hope you can get him to come bac and do more...please!!!!!