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Questions to Models-Updated


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Oct 26, 2008
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South Florida
Well now the Broke Straight Boys site has been updated...which I think looks great! These are just some of the features and updates we are doing to enhance the Broke Straight Boys site.

As you can see, we have a new tab called "behind the scenes" this will be more in depth questions regarding the models and if you have any questions you like to ask the models...you can simply post your questions here on the forum and they can answer them via the interview.

For the folks that "love" Tyler...and for Casper that posted over 60 in depth questions for Tyler, he is going to print out your questions and he is going to select many of your questions and answer them on film. Its much easier, some questions are just to personal for Tyler to answer so some of Casper's questions will not be answered. With this being said, please be patient as we have a lot more model interviews up on the site plus some behind the scenes look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Also, as Mark posted, we are phasing Broke Straight Boys into HD. Much of the footage we have been filming is now in HD but will not be seen for a few months until Mark has updated all the non-HD episodes. I was speaking to one member and he asked me if the site will work the same and if he will be able to view the content. Yes! you will see it much better. Once we get the HD down with Broke Straight Boys, we are going to phase College Boy Physicals and Boy Gusher into HD next and in that order :)

I hope you guys enjoy the upgrades and the new enhancements and the future of Broke Straight Boys!!!
it looks terrific congratulations to all who are working on it and i loved the behind the scenes vids
I will be answering for myself all the questions I asked Tyler. I think its only fair. some of the questions will not apply to me because there are somethings that Tyler and I don't have in common and there is somethings that Tyler has experienced that I have not so I will try to do my best.