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Question request for BSB Denver, BSB Darren and CD Angel Rock


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Sep 6, 2009
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This weekend starts off our 2012 Pride Tour season. We are starting off with a hot list of guys that I have never interviewed before. Here is where you come in....

I am looking for questions that you may have that I can ask during the initial interview. Also please let me know what you may like to see in the BTS footage this year. This will be an exciting year.

Ft Lauderdale Pride:
Broke Straight Boys Denver
Broke Straight Boys Darren
College Dudes Angel Rock

For Darren:

Which of your scenes is your own personal favorite? And why?

For both Darren and Denver:

Which Broke Straight Boys model do you feel the strongest connection to? And why?
You can include more than 1 of you wish.

Which gay sex act surprised you the most by not being as bad as you expected?

Which sex acts do you least look forward to doing?

Do your friends or family know you do this work?

What are some humorous and memorable responses to those you might have told? haha
I know!

I keep hoping more people will respond. I can come up with more questions myself but I purposely left time for others to respond. You guys (and gals) will be kicking yourselves when the video gets posted and you gave up a chance to ask the models a question of your own.
Thanks Tampa. Anymore questions you guys want to ask them?
I'm sorry Mark, but the three models appearing are not guy's that pique my curiosity. Darren is a hell of a nice guy, but does nothing for me physically. Denver has only appeared in a solo and one scene, and I have no idea who Angel Rock is.

Please offer us the same opportunity to ask questions of some of the more popular guys that we have gotten to know here like Kodi, Connor, Scott or Blake, (although Blake has answered most of our questions right here on the forum :angel:, bless his heart).

I would also love to see some of the guys from the early days of BSB2 here, like Jamie, Rocco & Bobby too.
for me tampa ask many questions i would ask.
did you ever get caught? jerking off? having sex?
favorite pasttimes?
what did you think about your first time on camera?
For all of them:
1. Where would you like to live if money were not a factor?
2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
3. What is your favorite part of your body?
4. How has being on Broke Straight Boys affected your dating relationships?
5. Name your favorite band, movie, TV show and food?

Thanks guys! Have a great pride and enjoy!
Do your friends or family know you do this work?

What are some humorous and memorable responses to those you might have told? haha

These 2 questions could easily be asked of all 3 models.
Would you consider doing another bukake scene with your mouth open for target practice?
For all three:
Has working in gay porn changed your perceptions of the gay community? If so, what changed and why?
What's the most positive thing that has come from your work in the gay porn industry?
Have you participated in gay sexual acts outside of the studio?
What is the most extreme/kinky sex act (gay, straight etc) you have ever done in your life?
What is your greatest sexual dream?
Do you have aspirations for college?
What is your dream job?
How long do you plan to work in the porn industry?
What was your favorite toy or Christmas present as a child?
What was your first car? Tell a story about it (ie did you race, play chicken, loose your virginity in it. etc.)
How have comments on the Forum impacted you?
What do you consider is the best thing you have done in the past several years?
Back in high school, were you the geek, the bully, got picked on, football player etc?
1. What are a few of your hobbies and interests?

2. Are any of you very modest about people seeing you naked in your personal life, (lockerrooms, public showers, changing clothes in front of friends, etc.) even though you perform nude on the site? :)

3. Can you please share some fun facts or interesting stories about Clay?
For Denver and Angel.... ask them if they would go out with me.... lol... that is just a joke.
Seriously ask them :
1. Do you enjoy having sex with men?
2. If you could do a scene with any guy on Broke Straight Boys or College Dudes... who would you pick?
3. If you could do a scene with any gay porn star... who would you pick?
4. If you could do a scene with any guy in the world ... who would you pick?
5. What is the most favorite thing a guy can do for you?
I have absolutely no questions for Darren.
For Broke Straight Boys Denver,

You seemed to haVe taken to this new gig with ease, even natural. Is it possible you were maybe bi all along?

Just a warning Denver, be careful how you answer this question. With Lipps, it could be a very slippery slope...unless you like that kind of thing! :w00t:hehehe