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Problems with new update 07-18-2010

yes, cant get it either...
well it looks like you guys are moving it to tomorrow night instead. im on edge to see it! haha well thanks for all your hard work, you guys rock!
okay, sounds good, thanks man!
Rating a video that doesn't work yet.

I want to know who is voting on this video that I assume no one has yet seen. The last I looked it got 3.4/5. Are these votes coming out of Chicago? This may require an investigation. :001_smile:
lol im not gonna lie, i voted, i gave it a 5 because i worship mike r.....im bad!
Rating without having seen the scene

Joseph, are you from Chicago?:001_smile:
nope, im from the moon
just kidding, im from pittsburgh, you know that bankrupt city that blows? except on pride that is!
Mine won't work as the full length, but I can see the clips. They are great! Maybe that is who's voting. Mike pounding. JJ as the deer in the headlights. Kevin regretting he took it in the ass. Leon doing a great job. Fantastic