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Paul & Jaxon


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Feb 2, 2010
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This scene was worth the slight delay!! It was a very hot scene. I liked these two together, very relaxing at first then Paul went to town. Great bottoming on Jaxons part. I liked Jaxons remarks after the shoot, I like him a whole lot more now.
I agree with Paul, "that was kinda hot;" definitely worth a 5. I liked how when kissing, Jaxon went right in with the tongue...in for a penny, in for a pound!:thumbup: This is an older scene, at least it was filmed before the 1,000 scene as Paul's hair was way shorter. I think Jaxon did a great job bottoming; when it feels good, you just got to admit it, no biggie. Paul is a natural top and does it so well...from what I've heard, anyway.:bump:
Johnny, I know you were staying back a bit, letting Jaxon be comfortable, but next time: can you get the top's face while pounding from below, do an "over the shoulder" of the top...doing his thing, and film the top's ass as he is fucking...especially Paul's ass; just nummy!
Oh, and one more "girly" thing, it's time to change the sheets. They are getting thin, worn out and spotted. Thanks
This scene easily gets a 5 from me, excellent in my grading system.

You could almost run out of superlatives when discussing Paul - he's that good! He's much better as a top as this scene proves. Nothing against his bottoming skills, but topping is his element. And when he tops, he could give a master-class in doggy style. He is in a class by himself in that position.

Jaxon did incredibly well bottoming. If indeed this was his first time in that role, then he really gets high marks for manning-up and not resorting to the over the top moaning and groaning that so many first timers do.

Both guys obviously were stimulated enough to produce quality cumshots.

Great job, guys!!

And thanks to Johnny for continuing to give us quality camera work! It makes so-o-o-o much difference in my viewing pleasure. Also enjoyed the post-scene banter and am glad that you brought up the issue of topping after having bottomed. As a big, 'ole bottom it has been my experience over the years that the best tops are the ones who have experienced bottoming.
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For me Paul was wonderful as always. Although I felt his face, ass and body , didn't get enough camera time. And I do like him topping more than being on the bottom.
Even though he does have the most beautiful ass on Broke Straight Boys .He just looks right on top. Just missed those lips moving.
Thought his kiss at the end was a nice touch that went right to my stmock. As Beth would say yum yum..
Jaxon was good. But who wouldn't be with Paul ? Like him a little more than I did. Gave it a 5 Paul always gets a 5 from me.
Good work from both boy's.
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I only gave a 4. I liked it a lot but it needs something to get to 5. I can't really say what though. Paul is always GREAT. Jaxon is good too. I just wanted to say Sha is great in all of these scenes. I always minded the intrusions with talk but since he came here I almost never do.
I have to say in all honesty, I enjoy a good anal scene! Even when I know that a model may not be at their best when bottoming, it is necessary to keep them "relevant" for my viewing pleasure, knowing that they can be versatile! I got that in Paul's last scene with Zeno Kostas! Sorry Paul...butt, it was a necessary evil!:evil: Satisfied now (for the time being) I was ready to enjoy watching Paul at his best...topping! And of course, he didn't disappoint in this scene:drool: I've like Jaxon from the start and will continue to enjoy watching him in both rolls as well! I thought he was good in the flip scene with Tate, however....this scene with Paul was even better for me! Great job from all involved...gave it a 5*****!
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Both models did a great job in my opinion. I'll be watching out for future scenes from Jaxon with great interest.
Good job by both guys... just not one my favorite scenes.