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"Patients" with Chest Hair and Hairy Legs on CBP


Aug 19, 2010
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On the BEACH -- in NY!
College Boy Physicals is GREAT but let's see more guys with body hair on College Boy Physicals! Guys are no longer shaving themselves to the extent they were in the past. Chest hair is a real turn-on to more guys than you may realize. Seeing more guys with hairy chests and legs lying on the exam table in stirrups with their arms over their head would be a real treat for many of us.

It's summer time and at the beach this year I noticed that most guys are going natural and hairy again. The smooth look isn't as popular as it has been in the past!
I would agree with that but lets share the hair around. Some weeks have bears other weeks have shaven, a lil bit for everyone.
I agree, I think it would be SO HOT if all of a sudden Diesal shows up for a scene COMPLETELY SHAVED!!!!! OMG that would be sooooooooooo hot! And then a month later, he's not even trimmed anywhere. I noticed that he has really hairy legs, and some hair on his chest although it looks like he keeps that trimmed down.

I also think it would be HOT HOT HOT if Cousin Mikey showed up completely shaved sometime, and then ask him to let it all grow out so we can see if that sexy, long torso of his can even grow a treasure trail hehehe! :)

Seriously, guys with really big dicks look phenominal when they're completely shaved in my opinion. I love the dimple above their cock when they're hard that is only visible when they're completely shaved. And it's hot when they don't shave or trim at all, so you can compare the difference between the two!

For those who say that there is too much shaving going on in porn, in reality gay porn has very few completely shaved guys. There is some trimming and manscaping going on, but truth be known the frat type guys in reality straight porn (gonzo) are shaved more often than in gay porn. In gay porn, most of the directors/producers hate shaved guys so they literally forbid them from being shaved in a lot of the sites (Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, College Dudes 247, CockyBoys).

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Welcome to the Forum cum2me01

I pretty much like all natural too. A slight trim in the pubic region may sometimes be preferred so I don't look like I need to shave my teeth after a little oral is OK too.:thumbup: