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Part of a special Christmas bonus?


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Nov 28, 2008
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State of Confusion
Ok David, you have my attention. Now, Zack was pretty awesome on his own, so, I ask, what. can you possibly have up your sleeve for the REST of the Christmas bonus. Enquiring minds want to know. LOL:001_smile:
Zack is a hot dude and I'm glad you changed the rules slightly so accommodate him - thanks. To think all this time, this sexi guy has been behind the cameras just waiting to jump on that sofa - what have we been missing. Am I correct in saying that the other model on the xmas list is Mike - Anthony's cousin ? Hope it is and he's gay too is he not ? Now I have hot thoughts going through my head about Zack and Mike together - okay both gay but they're still broke. What the heck - get them cameras rolling. Please xx
Oh, I hope it's cumming and cumming David you are too good to us, thank you for that.

It is Mike in the next update and I cannot wait, he is so hot. He makes your toes curl when you cum. That is the best!!!