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I second the nomination

Hey....when is Nu coming back? Its been a long time since we seen him on Broke Straight Boys

Dear asian6920,

Very few guys have the glowing smile as Nu has, not to mention his great body. He is always most willing to try anything and has the "can do attitude" I most appreciate on Broke Straight Boys Frankly, I would like to see Nu paired with Shane or Zakk, or Josh featuring these great guys in an ongoing series.
I, TOO am an old, Nu(tee hee) lover! only wished he would top more!! Or be the meat in between the bread!
Nu has been excellent EVERY single time. He is cute, great personality and I too would love to see him again. I know some have issues with him, too bad!! I know what they are saying and it doesnt matter. He is a great guy that always gives his best for Broke Straight Boys
Nu is hot...in that weird, interesting way I can never quite explain. Love when he wears the glasses...Not one I would always choose to watch, but when he has a scene, I always watch it...Never disappointed...
Yeah I had to come back again and talk about Nu! He is very cute with a great body and personality and ALWAYS goes the extra mile for us. He even took Shane's load in his mouth in two seperate very hot videos. I think Nu is open to do a lot more if you pair him up with the right guy. I know some have issues with him but damn I would much prefer seeing Nu again over Mike R. Plus Nu will bottom, rim, swollow, what ever you want!
I enjoy Nu's videos. Every one of them is different and good. Too bad he always gets stuck bottoming (no pun intended).
His smile is fantastic and so his personality.
I can't seem to make up my mind about NU
Sometimes he does it for me & other times he doesn't