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New video idea on CD


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Sep 30, 2011
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I would like to see a video where two or more models are in an office negociating things and to get the deal agreed and signed sex would be needed. Would it be possible to have an orgy of suited men stripping and having sex with each other?
The perfect two people for that would be Darren and Chad. They could do a flip flop and cum in each others mouth.
Yeah, and put some of that cum-eating stuff in there also. Hell, why don't just to a great GANG-BANG on Mike or Darren - They fantastic bottoms. Of course, Jimmy and Cliff have to be in the scene with maybe Chad and two others.
I would like that too!! The only difficulty is convincing the producer to do it. If you haven't noticed, the scenes are pretty similar in theme and setting hehe
I´d like more play (1 minute or 2)before sex actually begins.
Foreplay. That's a lost art these days. For most, taking off their clothes is foreplay enough. What happen to caressing and passionate kissing? These days is strictly suck and fuck.