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New British 2 part docu - Inside Death Row


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
Sir Trevor McDonald takes a visit to Indiana State prison to chat to inmates on Death Row and those not on death row. I watched the first part last night and I thought it was very good. Here is a clip.

Hey Jon do remember a series in the 70s called "prison cell block H" or something like that? It set in a womans prison, I guess it was kind of a soap opera. I loved it though!!
The second part was on tonight and the reporter went to see the next probable death row prisoner who will be executed - and so he should too. He admitted to the reporter that 7 years ago he knocked on a door, went inside, raped the woman then decided he better kill her, so he slit her throat - and also her 4 year old daughter. Why after admitting such a crime, does he have to wait and does the victims family has to wait 7 or more years for him to be executed.