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Minnesota Rep Speaks in Opposition to Anti-Gay Marriage Bill


Oct 30, 2008
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Minnesota's Republican dominated state legislature is considering passing yet another anti-gay marriage bill to add an amendment to the state constitution. This in a state where it is already illegal. I guess the tough economic times have not hit there. Or the state faces no serious problems right now. Since they seem to have nothing better to do with the taxpayers' money and legislators' time.

What makes this example noteworthy to me is the extremely eloquent, thoughtful and yet impassioned speech that one representative gives in opposition to the bill. To hear Dem. Rep. Steve Simon's speech, that has now gone viral...please go the link below.

Thank you Tampa!

Dear Tampa,

I appreciate it greatly that you have taken the time to place this timely link on the forum. I feel this is among the best functions the forum can be used for, to inform fellow forumites.


Stimpy, "innately gay" and one of God's creations.
You are quite welcome Stimpy. :wink:

I found this speech to be very heartwarming and a breath of frsh air. (Some sanity in politics) Who woulda thunk it? :thumbup1:
I think his speech is well worth listening to. If only for this one quote:

"How many more gay people does God have to create...before we ask ourselves whether God actually wants them around?"