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Mike, Jacob and Jacob Anthony


Nov 29, 2008
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Hot. The cousins and Jacob all did a great job. I've always thought that Jacob was hot and the sandwich was grrrrrrreeeeaaaaaattttttt! Mike was his usual "cocky" self (pun intended). And Anthony is still a great bottom boy. The kissing was also a big plus. All in all this was one good shoot. Kudos to David and crew.

Be well brothers,

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I was going to make a comment about the Anthoiny misspelling, but it looks like they fixed it.

That or I'm losing my mind and it was never misspelled to begin with!
There's got to be 24" of dick there if not more!!!!! This vid is HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT. Thanx guy's. Now I need a shower, smoke and a nap. I filled the rest of that tanker with this load.lol
Wow what a shoot David you get an A+ on this one. Of course you had good material to work with as I drool over Anthony anyway. Between this one and the recent shot with Jimmy and Mike it has really been a good month. Hey how about a 4 some Anthony, Mike, Jimmy, and Mike. Work Tyler in there some where and you got a full house. One thing that you did in this video that I really liked was that you paid all the boys the same amount. I always feel sad when you short change the gay boy in the mix. We should support our own kind. The other thing not that this wasn't a prefect video your editor does to good a job. It is a nice video but I like to see some of the interactive parts that ended up on the floor. For example when Anthony was riding Mike and were really getting into it the scene changed to the three of them on the bed jerking off. That fast an edit makes a person think we missed something. Just my two cents but anyway thanks for a really great video.
I have to say that I think this was one of the better vids we've had. I have to give this one an A. I was worried that it would be a repeat of the prior vid of the 3 of them. I was disappointed not to see Jacob do more in the last one. This time was full of surprises. Even though I suspect that this is an older vid I think little Jacob has gotten much hotter since his debut vid with Tyler. I was thrilled to see that he didn't get out of the vid without having to bottom. It's not often we get to see a guy in the middle getting action on both ends, ala Sean and Tommy.

Then the kissing very pleasantly surprised me. I'm a big fan of the kissing among straigth guys. At least it's more fun for me to believe they're straight. I think Anthony is pretty solidly a bi boy at this point.

All in all this vid exceeded my expectations. Kudos to David and Broke Straight Boys on this one. And even though Jacob would not ususally be my type at all I felt the need to go back and watch his first bottoming experience with Tyler. He shows more personality with each scene. The couisins were their usual adorble selves. Our Keanu lookalike is a sight to behold. And Cousin Mikey is so cute.
As I'm writing this "The Cousins do Jacob Festival of Sin" is down-loading at the usual-for-a-third-world-country speed. (Curses!) It's gone straight to the highest rated episode ever on Broke Straight Boys - on the first day! I have a feeling I might enjoy this one. Which means I'll wait until the weekend to watch it since I like torturing myself.

Mike is hot, Anthony even hotter and Jacob? Slowly but surely becoming a firm (sorry) favourite. Even his encounter with that simpering little cliché Cal was hot in spite of the latter's paint-stripping voice. I always admire people who can do things I'm unable to do, and Jacob maintained a hard-on while topping Cal. Jesus, talk about service above and beyond the call of queerdom!

I take it now that Dustin has left Broke Straight Boys Circle Jerk Boys will make him one of their regulars? They'll take anyone I swear ; they actually have guys doing repeat solos. Repeat solos I ask you! That's like listening to the intro of Beethoven's Ode to Joy twice and not ever getting to the crescendo. Or wanking and not be able to cum. Which is the same thing really. But I digress, no wonder my membership of that celebration of mediocrity lasted but a single credit-card transaction. Even worse, I held off joining Broke Straight Boys because I thought this was just more of the same. I can be a very stupid human being at times .......... oh so you've noticed.

I've resisted downloading any of the solos so far, but there is something intriguing about the little Adam Lampert look-alike coming up on Saturday. Has he blown a regular yet? Has he bottomed? Does he have have a future here? I think we should be told - forthwith.

Kind Regards
Great vid! Anthony and Mike are a hoot, and I really liked Jacob in this vid. The fuck train was great. Jacob didn't like it, but at least he did it! Anthony's ass was sore. No wonder after the work over he got from those big dicks! Best update in a while.
just wandering if anyone knows of any other footage of the Cousin Mikey, ive seen other on anthony , maybe theres more of mike. any help would be greatly apreciated.
Thanks Broke Straight Boys

just wandering if anyone knows of any other footage of the Cousin Mikey, ive seen other on anthony , maybe theres more of mike. any help would be greatly apreciated.
You can find Mike in the bonus site College Boy Physicals....he is just as hot there too.

All we can say is Fantastic....D has been salivating waiting on this one, he loves the cousins. The kiss with Jacob and Jacob Anthony was a big surprise. Jacob didn’t like being in the middle of the cousin sandwich but we thought it was hot for as long as it lasted. Mike is sooooo hot!!! Apparently Jacob Anthony loves how Mike pile drives his ass. Thanks for bringing them back for another go round. Great job David thanks so much.

J and D :thumbup::thumbup:
Cousins or not they really made a few great sex scenes in that video. They were awesome with Jacob. I wished that Jacob would have tried to handle the cock a little better. He is not used to cock in his ass yet; so, what more can we expect?:lol:
I can't get enough of Anthony and Mike. Their personalities really add to their hot bodies and interatctions. It would be nice to see them in white briefs! I can only hope David will keep coming up with ideas that involve these two guys. They are awesome. Many thanks.