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Mike and Austin


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Jan 19, 2010
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Okay, by now, I`ve watched it twice and I might watch it again later :b
I`m biased when it comes to my favorite boys.
I`m gonna watch it at least 5 times before I give my comments.
But it was really hot with all the dirty talk and moaning! :D
OH YEA that was HOT but of course we all knew it would be. What really surprised me was that our boy Mike actually got to top the old master Austin Grant. I didn't believe that Austin would ever submit to bottoming again. At any rate he did and it was great and an incredibly fun shoot to watch as they all had a great time including David. And btw David I love your gay people impressions. LMAO. An easy 5 and then some.:thumbup1:
Great film guys.

Denny - not all gays talk like that, in fact it's a minority over here. It's just the ones who want to camp it up a bit - like Austin lol, and it's mostly for show.
Hehe, just knew Austin was gonna bottom! He's a great show man and is willing to do anything to make a shoot hot! Think he has the ultimate goal of a perfect 5 score on Broke Straight Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course Mike, with his big cock was the perfect match for Austin's willing pussy. GREAT EPISODE!
Great shoot. It really went a long way to show a different side of Mike. Of course I always like to watch Austin. He has really matured into a great guy. When is the auction I wonder. LOL. Anyway this was a great shoot and to see the models so relaxed and to see them giving each other such good blow jobs was great. :thumbup: I look forward to more of their work together. It would be nice to see Mike bottom. I don't think we need to push the issue. I think if he sees enough guys in ecstasy from getting fucked he may come around to it in good time on his own.:thumbup::blush:
Great shoot from two hot young guys! Mike's got such a great smile and his fat cock is great! Austin took it like a champ!
Am I in the minority that the double bird Austin gave David was very disrespectful? I didn't see anything to indicate Austin was joking, in fact it reminded me of the old uptight Austin from earlier shoots. Maybe I need to take the stick out of my ass but seems to me that both guys have been paid nicely many times by Broke Straight Boys and at least one should be a little more appreciative of it.
I just love Sir Austin Grant (nice ring to it, eh? LOL!), and of course Mike Robbins has been a fave of mine since his solo!

I had to LOL when David commented on Mike's DSL. I had just made that observation moments before David said it! LOL!

What a fun vid! It is so much more enjoyable to watch models give into the pleasure of sex, instead of always bitching about what a chore it is to have sex with a dude. I don't expect newbies to enjoy themselves and go all out, but the models that have been around Broke Straight Boys for a while, may as well have fun on the Futon, otherwise get off it and stay home!

Fab vid and you know I gave it a FIVE! :masterbate::thumbup:
if you lose an earring back again, austin, tear off a tiny peice of an eraser..it works like a charm until you find or buy a new one.. :)
This was a wondeful video. Both guys were into it and really enjoyed themselves. As mentioned earlier, there was not bitching about positon or money...just a good time and a great shoot. I was happy to see the Mike of old and not the one we saw in his last shoot. Can't wait to see the next one with these guys. Austin is such a pro...his camera presence and performance. Great job David.

I agree with most of what has been written; i.e., it's refreshing to watch the two guys seemingly have fun doing what they're doing. A really enjoyable watch.