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Mick moonlighting?


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May 14, 2011
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Austin, TX area
One of the very first sites I subscribed to was All American Heroes. I decided to go back and check it out, when whom do I find as the site's latest update but Sergeant Mick. I was totally floored! There he was in Army camies and combat boots. With a body to die for and the face of an angel, Mick did the intro for his solo with that sweet smile of his and the same unassuming naïveté that made all of us fall in love with him. His solo was super hot, of course, and he bottomed for another hot guy in a duo scene. I was so glad to see him, since I had really missed him on BSB2. Is he just moonlighting, or has he left BSB2 forever? Does anyone know, because management rarely answers our questions?:w00t:
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Hey, the guy has to make a living and if that means selling his ass - well, here he goes to the highest bidder. I wish he will come my direction I will give him everything I have and even more.