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Apr 23, 2013
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London and New York
Why is there always a second step to login as a member? Most sites just ask you for your login credentials when you click on the members area option. With Broke Straight Boys you have to click on the members area, then you're promted to click the ENTER MEMBERS AREA link which then prompts you to put in your member credentials. This is an unnecessary step surely? Why not have the Enter Credentials dialogue box appear as soon as you click on any link to the members area?

Also, why do you require logged in members to log in again to post to the forums? We ahve already logged in to the members area ao would it not be possible to have a verified portal to the forums from an authorised logged in member account?

We are already going to be working on a system to have a single page login, not to be directed to a page to login again. A temporary fix to this problem is bookmark this page: http://members.brokestraightboys.com

As for the porting the username into the forums, we are also going to be working on a system. The problems are there are many people that would rather not use the same login they signed up to the website with. Not to mention the issues of users coming back to the website after they canceled but unable to use the same username they originally had say 2 months ago.

Its some technical issues of conflicting systems that we are actually working on solutions for. I greatly appreciate your feedback, since hearing from users we want to know what is good or bad.

We have this thread for other ideas you have: http://members.brokestraightboys.co...you-could-build-the-most-perfect-porn-website

Thanks again and I have taken note of your suggestions.
I think it is a good thing that we have separate logins for the main site and the forums. For instance, for the sake of ease of remembering, I use the same site login ID that I do on a number of other sites, non porn too. But I only use Joninliverton as the ID for this forum. In addition to this, a large majority of the members do not wish to participate in the forum and that is their own choice.