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Matt & Darren


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Nov 28, 2008
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I'm not sure about this, but i seem to be the first to post on new vids lately.......Hmmmmm. This one was good, but our bottom is some pro, definitely NOT his first time. However, that aside, clearly we are beginning to see an improvement in both story and in taping the scenes. 4.0 from me. A personal request, could we, in the near future, have another outdoor scene? I do enjoy them so!
Was that pro or ho?

You're right this wasn't this boys first rodeo!​

It appears Broke Straight Boys v2 is taking the easy way out and attracting a lot of street trade. This one seems to have a half an ounce of personality and is very easy to like. I might add, he's a great cocksucker! To him, size doesn't matter, bring'em all on. :blowjob:

Finally some fucking! We also got some chemistry between the boys. The bottom is a bit experienced, but many of my favorite scenes involve a straight guy and a gay or bi guy. The dynamic is different; more relaxed. Two straight guys get into a "you do it first and I hate all this anyway" attitude. Jimmie is the prime alpha male example of that. He's attractive and has personality but he's basically a good ol' boy from SC. It'll take a lot of time and a lot of money for his attitude to adjust. I hope it does 'cause he's really hot!:thumbup1:
I see he's in the next 2 scenes, so we can hope...
I have to agree this was one hot video. Love the inter action from both Darren@Matt they where both hot but in the future can you get both of them to nut if all possible, but other then that Clay excellent job with these boys keep them together.
I feel I just lost my virginity...

Who cares how many times anyone has ridden in the rodeo, but, alas, the long protracted drought has ended for now. It is as if I just lost my virginity all over again. Got rid of the cob webs and any dustboll tumbleweeds that had accumulated over the decades and decades.

But, frankly, does anyone believe the bottom is a real fast learner for a straight guy? Or, do you believe his smacking while giving head and going all the way down is suggestive of the fact that this guy might be a "frequent flyer" at the corner "meat market". Thank God he is 100% "straight" and not a "pro". That might totally change one's perspective on the course of events here. Anyway, he has an open door policy with service in the rear. I just wished he would get rid of the shrubs out back. A little pruning here and there all around would make it a little prettier.


Yes finally a good scene! please keep it up fella's, I want to continue with my membership and scenes like this will do it.
Excellent episode! Loved the way different parts of the models bodies' were shown.
The guy with the shaved head appears to have a beer gut.
Logues babe, that's the succinct quibble of a true body snob. On point buddy.
Liked this one a lot. Where did Darren come from? He appeared out of the blue and brought a bright light with him. He sure can suck a big cock and takes it even better. Hopefully, we'll be in for many more that are as hot as this one.
I really like Darren -- he could be a pro, but he is also adorable and sure knows what he is doing :). I think you are finally on the right track...
Darren did a good job... lmao.. I said job, yes a bj. Matt on the other hand is just sad. His bod just does absolutely nothing for me. (his bod may make me lose my supper)
It was a really good episode i thought, sort of felt like i was watching straight porn where the women put a lot of effort into the dick sucking and look up all the time ... except this time it actually did something for me haha :thumbup1:
Great scene!!!. Darren really brought life to this one. He also brought some life to Matt's dick. Those two are so perfect together. Thanks.
Darren is rather hungry for cock in both holes. And having said that he does have an extremely inviting ass hole. I'm not normally into a lot of hair but this time I am. The new bed is a bit noisy isn't it?
The dark haired guy does all the work and gets nothing in return. That is a turn off for me. The guy with the shaved head has a protruding abdomen that is not well suited to a porn site that strives to provide attractive young men.

This is what I like:


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