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Mark coming back??


Apr 30, 2011
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Loved Mark of 'Darren and Mark'. When is he coming back? Hope he bottoms alot more. plus I'd like to see the guys lick the shaft more as well as sucking.
I also like Mark. Are we ever going to see Vinnie and Zack again? It's been a long time since they were on.
Mark is a mystery. He seems like a very shy and soft-spoken person. There's nothing too complicated about him - he's very straight-forward and clear. I almost felt sorry for him first time I saw him. "Here's a straight boy forced by circumstances to do gay sex and he looked sad about it," I said. But when he and Darren had it, he showed a whole different side of him that I think even he didn't know existed: he enjoyed anal sex! Boy, was I excited, I wanted him and I wanted him baddddd... My tissue box is begging for mercy since. Please bring him back and have him spread em.