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Live Life [5&5]


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Oct 20, 2010
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Hey everybody, Hey, Hi, How you derin!!

I apologize for being so ghostly for the past few months, but i have been quite busy!

I moved to Florida beginning of April and everything is going great! Despite my car breaking down a week before i moved, i blew the engine out of it so it was basically totaled, i still moved down and eventually about a week of getting cabs to work and rides home, walking and the public trolley, i bought a scooter which is badddasss!! haha, but the sweeet part about it is, i went from paying 300 a month for car payment and 400 every single month insurance, plus gas... I have no car payment, no insurance and it cost 4 bucks to fill up with premium unleaded and i drive for days! This Restaurant that I transferred to is way more busy then back in missouri, I made $250 just yesterday, 10 hour shift. I'm also starting manager training next week so transferring speeded up my career path! It's nice to finally be able to enjoy life with not having to stuggle to make it check to check to pay for all your bill, especially at my age with $1,300 in monthly debt, and thats also why i was attempting to do some shoots and make some money, because i was in desperate need, but now i'm watching my account grow and grow and it feels good. Just have to take advantage of the fact i just turned 21 and really have nothing tying me down! But thats besides the point, The reason I started this thread was to share some news.

After me and my mother moved to Anchorage, Alaska I eventually moved back with my dad Right outside St. Louis. A little over a year later my Mom moved back to Missouri to be closer to us kids (me and my sister). She bought her first house in a very long time, in Joplin, Mo. 2 Sundays ago, May 22nd, was my 21st birthday and on our way to out to eat, My sister who know lives with my mom was calling me, I answered "Hey Ash, Whats up!" and she starts screaming "Phil a Tornado is hitting moms house right now!! oh my god" and it totally toook me off guard and i couldnt believe what I was hearing, and i was asking if they were okay, and she said so far and i hear her open the door of the closet they were in and i could just hear hail beating down on the windows and my moms alarm system going off, then the phone call dropped. I started to freak out i thought she got swept up and tell my dad who was next to me driving, and her phone wouldnt go thru and then she called me right back crying and said it just passed and she was going to call me back and they were okay.. As you all seen i'm sure on TV how bad the Tornado Damage in Joplin was, and I am blessed my Mother and Sister made it out okay! My Uncle moved across town down here in florida after we did, and he told us today that the house he was living in before he moved down, got completely leveled out. and both his room mates were at work, but he said he wouldnt have been anywhere at 5:30.. So I could have lost my Uncle, My Mother and My sister all In just one of mother nature's act's, on my birthday to say the least.

"Tomorrow is never promised, so live today like it was your last", i put it in quotes because I think everybody should say it. Every single person needs to realize that they need to forget how to hate hate hate, and learn how to love and be accepting so everybody could just be who they are to the fullest of ones ability and ever have to hold back! If your holding back because your afraid of what ones judgments would be, then you are cutting yourself short and you cant let those kind of people take that away from you!

We have to make the most out of every single day because when time's up, it always too late. If everybody started to realize that everybody is equally important, then we would truly be able to relieve some pressure, and get out of this "Great Recession". Networking is what makes life easy. Its all about who you know, and who knows you! That's what open's up doors and oppurtunities, and alll these people without job's would soon be able to find one and start to be able to support their family again!

We all then would know how important it is to come together as a nation and get a huge task easily accomplished as one. We then would be able to make an huge impact on environmental goals and global warming! We can not be selfish enough to continue to think this Earth is going to stay this way for the rest of time.. look at what this planet has already experienced and look at how, almost scary fast at where we came from and how far we have improved and how fast of time.
I've never really been a religious type of person persay, but i'm catholic on my dads side, but went to Christian church with Joey and his family, and i use to just not try and think about it, but i've foud myself picking up the bible from time to time lately and i'm getting a lot out of it. This life is so temporary, we are all in a waiting room to the next life. Once you start believing in anything, you start to better become a greater person and your ups soon start to tower the downs.

Anyway just sayin Hi, reminding everybody to pay it forward and cherish every single day and don't take life for granite - enjoy it!



It is so good to hear from you again. You have been greatly missed my friend. I can't believe what your mom and sister have been through. How awful! Thank goodness they are physically okay. What a terrible shock though to finally buy a house and have it ripped away. Do they have a place to stay? Are they with other family right now?
Was the house insured for replacement value or will it not be enough to rebuild?

I want to commend you for doing so much to get your life on a more solid track. I know that life was bearing down heard on you in Missouri. I'm so glad that the financial pressures are easing up on you. You know that I and many other of your friends in here wish you only the best in life.

You seem to have matured alot in just a few months. Not that you were immature before of course. Perhaps though it is the shock and tragedy that your loved ones have just gone through for you to be able to look on the world with fresh eyes. You are so right though in all the wisdom you have shared with us here.

Needless to say we are all relieved that you are okay yourself. I also hope that you find Florida as wonderful of a place to live as I did when I came down here at 18. I also want to congratulate you on your 21st birthday. Happy belated our dear Phil. 21 is a wonderful age. Please enjoy it to the fullest. Your 20's can go by so quickly.

As I say we are so happy to have you back with us. Even if the circumstances are less than ideal for you at the moment. Please feel free to talk to us about anything on your mind. We're here for you Phil.

Less hate, more love. I can't argue with that.

Thank God your family is ok. I agree with you about life. It is short and we are not promised another day. Iam not ashamed to say that i read the Bible on a daily basis. i certainly have many faults. i try not to judge other people. The Bible is a road map for life and i find it very helpful on my journey through this world. God Bless and good luck.
It didn't take the tornado and what happened to them help open my eyes, it helped open THEIR eyes. I have been a morally correct person for a very long time, and I respect people in general just as much as i respect myself. I just wish other people would open their eyes and realize what is truly important to them, and thats family, friends, assets, and most important your pride and dignity as a person!

I want to win the lottery so i could just travel and public speak! Spread the word!
I just wish other people would open their eyes and realize what is truly important to them, and thats family, friends, assets, and most important your pride and dignity as a person!

You're so right Phil. :thumbup1:

Big hugs,


Happy birthday. I am happy your family came through ok. What are the photos of?

It looks like the mold has already started growing on the kitchen walls. Did your mom and sister lose their car(s) too?
Phillip it's great to hear your personal story as well as your family one. Coincidentally some stuff happened to me very recently that served as a heads up along the lines you describe in your post. I hear ya brother. Thank you for sharing that glad news of your family's escape with us.

None of your triumphs surprises me. You are an unstoppable force of nature mister. Please keep us up to date now that you're back in the forum. I'm truly glad that your bank account is growing fat (but maybe I wish you'd done just one unforgettable scene for a great Florida website before you got rich).

Big hug to you man.
It looks like the mold has already started growing on the kitchen walls. Did your mom and sister lose their car(s) too?

Thats not mold, thats like soil from a plant smashing into the wall or something heheh!

And Slim I was trying to do a scene..so sorry!
So those are photos of your Mom's house. That is some scary shit. Are they getting help from anyone?