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Kevin sighting ahead!


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Mar 10, 2010
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As a devotee to Broke Straight Boys's Kevin (last seen with MikeR, Leon, and JJ), I would like to call like-minded forumites attention to a video he did for Bad Puppy(You must be a subscriber to see episode). When first signing in at the Bad Puppy page, link directly to the ClubAmateurUSA site(password required).

On the page for 2010 episodes, you will find "Kevin Martin". In this February 2010 update, Charles Brock(porn star) provides our Kevin with an "erotic massage" leaving shall we say..."no stone(s) unturned".:kissass: Kevin, with his masculine presence, is on display some 40+ minutes for your viewing enjoyment. Being so natural and comfortable in the scene, I highly recommend you watch Kevin. He doesn't get fucked, just duly worshipped:worship: for all of his manly beauty and special assets.

This footage was actually shot on 12/24/09 and his crew cut has filled out some. Consequently, I saw this when it first came out and I failed to put "two and two together" recognizing our Kevin until just now. But Kevin Martin definitely is our Broke Straight Boys Kevin.:001_tt2:

If you love Kevin as I do and you have access to Bad Puppy, I feel certain you will enjoy this scene and add it to your "Kevin" archive. It is a real treat as in "eye candy"!:drool:
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Further Kevin sighting

Coincidentally, just today I found another episode of Kevin and Broke Straight Boys's newbie Ashton Cooper on a Falcon Studios "Jocks: Road Trip 10 - Las Vegas" DVD.:biggrin: Ashton is a cutie that I find simply irresistible.:drool:

Please Note: In anticipation that Kevin might not be returning to Broke Straight Boys due to bottoming, I am preparing for a long hard winter without him.:porn: As you probably remember, Kevin's tribute to all bottoms at the end of his last shoot left me and others scratching our head wondering if he meant literally not bottoming ever again or if it really meant not ever returning to Broke Straight Boys ever again.:scared: Only time will tell. I sincerely hope I am WRONG!
Ashton is also on hazehim.com in the Jelly Wrestling video at Virginia Tech(I think that is the school)
Yes, they've both been around the block so to speak. Kevin can also be seen on Bait Buddies.