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  1. whitewhale2

    OMG! It's Ashton!

    I'm not recommending this. NOT! I was prowling about and found one of those tacky HazeHim scenes. I'd never pay for it, but it was free so I had a look. One of the two main characters being hazed was Ashton! OMG! Ostensibly, it was at West Virginia University. He was used as a bowling ball...
  2. cumrag27

    Kevin sighting ahead!

    As a devotee to BSB's Kevin (last seen with MikeR, Leon, and JJ), I would like to call like-minded forumites attention to a video he did for Badpuppy(You must be a subscriber to see episode). When first signing in at the Badpuppy page, link directly to the ClubAmateurUSA site(password...