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Kaydin & Tom


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Oct 26, 2008
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The island next door to Ibiza
These guys got 4/5 for sucking each other off back on Jul 18, 2009, and this was obviously the shoot they'd done with Dave the day before that one. I really like it when the BSBs have seen some guy porn at some point, maybe for the first time during the indoctrination with Eddie, and know that it's standard prac to look at the cam with smolder in your eyes, treat your chest to some palm, let your tongue peep out for some air, and clamp your lower lip with your upper teeth while you close your pretty eyes. These debutants went through that whole repertoire like troopers, and they get an A for effort and a C+ for verisimilitude. What you don't know for sure is whether the fact that they constantly check each other's dicks out while going through the ritual was part of the plan, or if they couldn't help it. I think it was part of the plan, and that part of that part of the plan was that they have simultaneous orgasms. Which they did. Torsos: 5, Porn Acting: 3.75, O's: 6, their plan to shoot together: 10

I give them a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey scale, but the two scores aren't compatible
Slim thanks for the reminder about their previous debut, I had to go back and check it out and I think I enjoyed it more after now seeing this new one. These guys do a good job and are nice to look at but I don't know how much I believe their story, but what the heck what ever floats their boat. The most interesting thing about the shoot is the bag of nuts that Tom is packing around with him. He reminds me of an old bull I saw roaming around a field out here the other day. Comfortably entertaining and I gave it a 4.
You guys are so right. Even David wasn't buying that Kaydin was totally straight. With that soft-spoken telltale trill to his voice, the earrings and all... I'm not even sure he has a girlfriend. Though it's possible.

And I don't mean any of this as a putdown because I enjoyed this video enough to give it a 4. I think it deserved about 3 but I went higher because I saw that it was struggling in the ratings. Normally I hate these side by side solos. But at least here we had something to work with and fantasize about. Mainly because the straightest looking guy was the one who was mesmerized by looking at the dick of the gayer one. Tom was much more interested in staring at Kaydin than the porn. Kaydin seemed only mildly interested in staring at Tom. When Tom would look over at Kaydin so lustfully with his tongue pursing his lips... That was really hot. All of Tom's body language led you to believe that he wanted to reach over and touch Kaydin.

And these guys do live in Key west for God's sake. So it's not like they have never been hit on by other gay guys. I loved it when in a later scene Tom's belt was so tight that the other model had a hard time getting it loose. Tom wisecracked that he had to wear his pants tight. "Because everybody's trying to get in them!" LOL I don't know if I have ever seen a pair of balls as big as those. On a human... LOL

So how do you make a boring side by side by side solo scene more interesting? Just like that. If they at least look at each other (and converse even a little bit) while they're jacking off it makes it much more entertaining.

I'd say also that they are about a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey scale. And like Denny I went back to their second oral scene and appreciated it much more this time. That's where I finally got my happy ending. :001_smile:

And while Tom may have the smaller dick...he's still the star of the video.
I think Tampa24 has hit the nail on the head. I enjoyed this one from the moment they took their shirts off. Tom has a great body and both looked really hot in their tighty whities. Tom sure filled his out and when his huge balls came into view, that explained a lot. Loved the way he could not keep his eyes off Kaydin's stroking action. Hell, I'd have my eyes glued to the guy next to me as well. This video does make their first one really worth looking at again. Maybe there is a third one in this series in the vault? Gave it a 4 as well. Nice job guys. BTW..David had recently said he'd give us all a video tour of the new studio. I think only one episode has been released from that location. Still would love to see the 'behind the scenes' in the studio.
Anti climax due to out of sequence, otherwise would have been good.

Strange it wouldn't let me edit my last post.

Anyway I've just watched this episode again and was amazed again at the size of Tom's balls. It kinda reminded me of a character in a british trash magazine called Viz, called Buster Gonad.

Quote from Wiki.. "Buster Gonad is the name of a cartoon character in the British comic Viz. It involves the surreal adventures of "the boy with unfeasibly large testicles". During a storm, Buster's gonads were zapped by cosmic rays which enlarged them to an enormous size. Buster's gonads are so large, in fact, that he needs a wheelbarrow to carry them around[1]. As a result, they are impossible to conceal and are therefore out on open display for everyone to see and marvel at."


Anyway I digress, it was a pity that we saw the 2nd film first but it was nice to see the guys again. I think Tom did another film after this series so maybe we won't see Kayden again. Did anyone notice how Tom kept looking at Kayden's cock just before Tom came.
I knew I`d seen these guys before. I`m sittin` here like an idiot thinking it`s remarkable how Broke Straight Boys gets these new guys on here that look so similar to
other guys from the past. What casting continuity Dave has! Barf....
Some of us are slower than others. What can I say!
I must have a different standard from the rest of you guys. I just couldn't see the big deal with these guys. I gave them a two but I am beginning to reconsider my vote based on what was posted about them. It must be my age.
Tom--balls and all--is luscious. A real stud/

Handsome, gr8 body, hung, and sexy. I like his attitude. Perhaps a little bit of hustler to me him. But that makes it more interesting for me.
This vid did have it's almost painful moments. David kept telling Kaydin he wouldn't get paid if he didn't cum. Way to encourage a guy who is already having erectile trouble! LOL!

Tom's balls, I think, are the biggest I've seen on a human! I'm happy I don't have those things in my pants! LOL!

I only draw attention to the guys checking each other out when they protest too much about how straight they are. Hey, they may both have GF. Kaydin is cute, and Tom is horny, so it could happen!

Reminds me of the high school locker room. A friend of mine was chuckled at because he was small. I always thought he was shy and it was cold. LOL! We were 14 or so, and he was the first of my friends to have sex with a girl. The girls were certainly all over him, so I'm thinking he was a grower, not a shower! LOL! The straight guys always commented on each others junk. I can't imagine any of them not checking each other out if they were jerking off.

I like Kaydin and Tom. There timing was impeccable!