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Just one more reason


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Mar 24, 2010
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Prince George, B.C., Canada
Just one more reason not to believe anything you hear on porn.

With the new scene with Ashton, I decided to go back and see what our other Ashton had done. These were the Ashton/Hollywood scenes. Later on I was prowling around the older scenes of He Likes It Big, one of our bonus sites, and surprise, surprise, there was Ashton, so I decided to have a look. He proclaimed that he was gay, and had been in a relationship for two years. Then he preceded to be stuck by two big dicks. If you remember the Ashton of Broke Straight Boys was straight with a girl friend. You might just say, "well it's a different time of his life." and I might just agree with you except that in both scenes he proclaimed he was 20 years old. This calls in to play the truth of the Hollywood character as well since the girl friends of the two boys were supposed to be good friends. It's all fiction and does it really matter? Not really, but some of us get quite invested in the characters and would like to believe in basic truth.

By the way, revisiting the pay thing. Some forumites have stated that what is negotiated on screen is probably not what they are really being paid. I got to thinking that it may be true, but I would be quite miffed if on screen they negotiated $1500 and really got $500. Reason being, I could accept that straights were being tricked into gay sex if they were being really well paid. Why should it be any of my business? It's my meagre pennies and the pennies of the other forumites that pay the salaries.

One last thing we have to remember is that the early Broke Straight Boys scenes were built on two pretty big lies. From David, "This will never be seen by anyone. It goes in to my private vault." and the other, "We'll get girls for you next time." I think, behind our hands, the gay viewers were thinking, "See how we tricked the stupid heteros." The lies gave a certain acceptance to the illusions of porno. :blushing:
I know just take a second and look at Sabastian for a second or now Damein Crosse. He started out on this site and after Circle Jerk Boys he got real work and is now like the fricking porn king getting pissed on and cum down his throat. I think a huge number of the guys on this site walk in the door not very straight and leave with their asses reimed. Just something to think about.
First off I love Austin Grant and Damein Crosse... and yes they both started on here. Now for the question at hand. I don't buy the chit chat.. money talk at all. I think all these gays are gay or gay for pay from the get go! I believe all these guys know what they are getting into before they are ever on film. Let's get real guys it's all fake for our entertainment. And yes, I do enjoy it... like most gay porn it is bad acting but great sex.
That's why Austin Grant is so good ... he is a good actor. (Austin and Jimmy Slater are excellent together) If you want to see really good quality acting in gay porn... I suggest Raging Stallion's "Stag Fight" starring Damien Crosse.
Interesting discussion, on many levels.

From perusing the older threads, this topic of str8, GFP, bi or gay comes up from time to time. And it seems to be a thorn in David Adamson's side. If a guy claims he is str8, how do you prove that? If he says he has no film experience, do you google him to death to see if he is telling the truth? I think David works very hard on keeping Broke Straight Boys as broke straight boys.

I believe that David tries to get the best str8 models he can. But at the end of the day, what is str8? Is it the sex or the affection? I, for one, believe it is the affection, not the sex. Can a str8ie perform and enjoy gay sex? Of course and why not? But who does he go home to? The wife and kids.

Some of the boys may see the light and venture off the "straight and narrow". Kudos to David for opening their minds and hearts. I guess he is well past the toaster oven reward for recruitment - he may be in the yacht category by now! :biggrin:

As for how much does it take to get a str8ie to take it up the ass? Probably not the $1500 thrown about on set. Don't look at it from the scene perspective but at the total for filming. Somewhere along the line I read that D&E flies the models in for a week. So if you were offered say $3000 for a week and that included popping your cherry, would you say no? Remember that's more than a lot of people make in a month.

As for knowing what's going to happen, there are threads full of information on that. The boys sign contracts each day for the scenes shot that day. So they know the who, how much and what. From a legal standpoint, the paperwork would have to be completed first, particularly 18CFR2257 compliance. The photo sets according to those same posts are shot before the video. So pop goes the cherry and yes they are pre fucked in the video.

David works his magic well. He produces quality product that elicits a lot of DNA samples :tongue_smilie:

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents worth. agree or disagree as you will. As they say in AA, take what you like and leave the rest.

Regards to all,

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