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Josh is Coming Back!!


Oct 30, 2008
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Yay!! Josh is coming back!

:waw: :waw:

I'm a little confused as to whether this is an old episode or a new one. David told us that there were only 2 videos of him. And this makes 3. But it doesn't seem like this vid had enough time to make it to the head of the pack since David last told us that Josh had not returned his calls. Now David is on vacation. Anyone know if this vid of Josh is a new one? Meaning that Josh has been given a second chance? :thumbup1:
Hey Tampa buddy

I was really pleased to see this vid up on the upcoming vid front as well. Like you though I was wondering the same thing is this old or new old or new lol!!!

Not too bothered as Josh is in it but would be awesome if he was back on the futon again for more vids. Like the fact that he is not with ridge either.

Still think this lad with Logan with be a hot one too. :w00t:
Josh is back

I didn't even think about this being an old scene. I am pretty sure (from david) thsat there were only 2 scene's before he left. I am so glad he is back and was really excited when I saw him as an upcoming update. I think he would be great with Logan but I reckon he would be smokin with Jordan wno would have no problems ploughing him. Maybe Josh could then return the favour.
Tampa I thnik there was quite a bit of chatter about him so maybe he did get pushed up the queue? Is this the surprise that David and Mark have been talking about in Nov or is there something better?