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Johnny & Brandon


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Oct 29, 2011
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I live in the south suburbs of Chicago.
While not as good as the one with Blake, this was one of Johnny's better scenes. He seemed to enjoy it, as opposed to just going thru the motions. Would still like to see him with young Mr. Baer, with some kissing to heat it up. Also, Johnny looks like an aggressive top. Now he needs to throw in some dominant behavior to match his physical appearance. I gave this scene a 4.
Was very good gave a 5 Liked Brandon cumming with Johnny in him. But once again it ended with Johnny jerking off. Id like to see a guy do it for him so he would be involved while cumming. Johnny had a hardon from beginning to end that showed he enjoyed doing it with Brandon. He is becoming a full star here, Hope he lasts a lot longer.
Has macho Johnny been penetrated; if he has not, when will that hottest of hot scenes occur? When will the bottoms learn to "fuck" or "screw" back while being penetrated? Should a bottom fuck or screw back, even the macho will give, give, give!!
This was a fantastic update!! I like the energy between Brandon and Johnny. They look really good together and seemed to have a lot of joy during their video. I especially liked it when Brandon came while being fucked by Johnny. Gave it a 5 all the way.
It cannot get any better than that. I am totally spent just watching. An affectionate kiss would be nice.
Sometimes I just love the "straight" guy fuck. No kissing, hugging just fucking!! haha Good match-up these two.
I think Brandon has discovered what a lot of Broke Straight Boys who bottom have found out: getting fucked by a big cock can be real painful at first,but once you relax and give it up, the awesome pleasure makes the pain worth it. Brandon's big smile at the end and his boner while getting fucked shows that he really liked getting fucked. Watch out Anthony, you may have some serious bottoming competition.
Johnny is so magnificent. His body is perfection... I am really in lust when it comes to Johnny. Please give Adam to him to play with.
I think this was the best I have ever seen Brandon. His body looked so hot when he was getting pounded.
Great job both guys.... gave it a 5 ... wish I could have given it more... Whoa, Johnny you are the very best !
Johnny was born to PHUCK

Johnny is the definition of "Eye Candy" and his "Pearls" he shoots from his gorgeous cock are truly in every sense of the word, "Icing on the Cake". I think overall, Johnny gave Brandon a good ride, but did Brandon do much to encourage Johnny along the way? Not a whole lot! I feel there could have been more passion with a few strategically placed kisses along the way. Speaking of kissing, I have always been fond of kissing my partner's blood-engorged cockhead before going down their biggest asset. I think that would have been a nice touch here, too!

Obviously, they both greeted us with full-blown hardons as this scene opened. They seemed ready to rumble even before theey removed their boxers and the bell sounded. I wished Johnny had more time to play homage to the bottom's "summer sausage"! When they are doing anal with the bottom's body flattened out on the bed, there is practically chance to show any emotion with the bottom depicted as a floor mat. That is why I so much prefer seeing missionary position for anal sex. It opens up a lot more opportunity to show affection while giving a great "ring-side" viewing of all the ins and outs.

When Brandon finally squeezed out a hard-fought battle cumming home, I was hoping that perhaps as soon as Brandon caught his breath, he might have decided to give Johnny a hand, that is a hand prelubricated with Johnny's own cum to get the best out of Johnny! Johnny got to that moment eventually, but without Brandon's assistance. If only Brandon had only interceded(with his own seed, I might add), the passion level would have gone from a routine "cumshot" to "ALL HANDS ON DICK...THIS IS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE...BROWNEYE OPEN DEEP AND WIDE CAUSE DINNER'S CUMMING!!!"

Although I really enjoyed watching Brandon's dick getting the kind of loving attention it is worth by Johnny, I still felt slightly cheated by comparison to watching Johnny in full-action glory. It is not that I don't enjoy watching a bottom getting their rocks off. I definitely enjoyed watching Blake writhing on the bed during his grand introduction to anal sex rocketing to his orgasmic bliss. Johnny, with his Greek God-like perfect body, can do no wrong in my book. He deserves all the adulation he currently receives and then some. I love everything about Johnny's penetrating personality. It boils down to Brandon who proudly volunteered his ass for this update. It takes more than foregoing one's ass to be a good bottom. Even if your not in the driver's seat (technically speaking), you can still exert more influence to squeeze out all the naughty possibilities available!

To Naughty Possibilities...Practice Makes Perfect,

Stimpy :angeldevil:
Perfect, Perfect and No Slouch

Johnny has a perfect body a perfect cock, and I so enjoy watching his balls dance all around, especially the left one getting the most exercise, and his breathing while servicing Brandon. Brandon is certainly no slouch by any means, great body and cock too. I think this is one of Johnny's best scenes, and I join with others in hoping to see a lot more of him doing a professional (his word) job.
Way to go guys you both did a great job, enjoyed it so much that it was a 5 on my scale!
Excellant Update with two of my favorite models. I loved the way the scene started, with two hard cocks at the ready. Brings back so many memories of waking up next to a hot young dude with his morning wood straining to be set free, so you can't help but reach over and lend a hand to a friend in need.

I concur with eveything said thus far so I wont repeat it. The only criticism I can offer is that while I Love practically everything Johnny Forza , I am always let down that we seem to always end his scenes with an extended jack off session while he tries to get off. Yet while he's fucking, he seems ready to bust a nut at any time! I say let him do a couple scenes where he fucks the bottom until he cums in the condom naturally. I for one would rather see the bliss on his face as he cums while fucking a dude, then to witness him straining to get off while furiously jackin' it.

Just my opinion, but I think it would be worth a try. Plus, it would be one more step towards the other side!

I like both models. Johnny is hot. I hope to see him kiss and get fucked in the future. I'm still not into all the spitting. I guess some find it hot. I don't, but I liked the scene. I'd like to see Johnny with Blake again. Blake is awesome and that was a hot pairing!
It was an entertaining scene, although I am not into overly built guys like Johnny, but I did enjoy it. I found the last few seconds particularly hot, after Brandon had made himself cum and when Johnny's self stroking covered Brandon with his own load, and Brandon laid back covered in cum, with that nervous laughter and admitted that it felt good, as Johnny stood in the foreground with his own cock still hard and dripping.

One might call that a "Kodak moment", (for the times of our lives). :biggrin:
One of the better vids in a while- so I'll comment for the first time in a while- also a shout out to Obama and OMG San Diego elected a liberal Democratic mayor Bob Filner !!
Have to agree 100% Johnny is awesome and so was Brandon they both deserve a 5 for that hot video I can remember when he first started he acted so disgusted about doing this now look at him he is a super stud star love watching him and Bran don is becoming a true star in his own rite hope to see more of them both good job guys two thumbs up.
I liked the scene. Although its frustrating seeing both models in scenes that were better only because the videos were shown out of order. I loved Johnny and Blake and Brandon and Denver. I really hope this doesn't happen to often because its confusing. I wished there was some passion and hard fucking. Seeing as how we've seen that already in previous scenes. I gave it a 4.
This was a very hot episode. I love Johnny! I love watching him fuck. Brandon did a very good job. He is a good bottom. Wish there had been some kissing mixed in with the fucking. Nice job guys!
I liked this scene and gave it a 4; you know you have to kiss to get a 5, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I liked Brandon's: blow job, touching Johnny while be fucked and the fact he was hard the entire time he was on his stomach. I liked Johnny's fucking "techniques," he was watching Brandon most of the time he was on top of him and his ability to comment on how good it felt while he was fucking. I would ask Johnny to stay in while the bottom cums, I think it makes a hotter scene and will make you cum faster. Thank you both.
I thought this was a great episode! I gave it a 5. They both have great bodies and they both just went for it. No holds barred. Some kissing might have been nice but they created plenty of heat all by themselves. I thought this was one of the best scenes in a while. Loved it! :)