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Jimmy & Jamie


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Oct 24, 2008
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Brooklyn New York
I decided to watch the latest update of CJ & Brett. I opted for the last choice of media "HD Quality MP4" and was surprised to see a completely different scene of Jimmy & Jamie. I realize that by my mentioning this apparent error, it will be removed to be shown when they originally intended to show it, but I had to comment.

This is the best new scene yet, in my humble opinion. I do believe that Jimmy "the trip" has total star potential on this site, and now he has jumped up side by side with Rocco, as my co-favorite new Broke Straight Boys

When I viewed the BTS episodes with Jimmy from the NYC events, I realized that Jimmy was a charming, bright, quick witted young man, who is now touring with Broke Straight Boys, and is obviously not the homophobic totally reluctant young guy represented in his initial scenes here.

He obviously would not have gotten on a plane and spent several days and nights in a hotel room, and representing the web site at gay events with all gay guys, if he was as uptight about gay guys as he appeared to be.

And in the not supposed to be yet seen Jimmy & Jamie scene, he is comfortable in the gay porn setting, being a confident, somewhat cocky performer. The scene begins with him laying back in bed shirtless conspiring with Clay about getting Jamie (who is off camera) to suck Jimmy off. Clay wants Jimmy to convince Jamie to suck his dick, with Clay out of the room.

I found the interplay between Jimmy & Jamie to be natural, and seemed the way two straight guy's their age would talk to one another, in a real life situation. As Jimmy is presenting the opportunity for Jamie to make more money, he tells him that "you might get lucky enough to suck me", and that "it's a privilege" to suck his cock. I love his cocky but humorous personality. I recall in the BTS episode that Jimmy tells us that he is a football player, and I love his straight boy jock persona, and this scene could be a lockerroom situation with the putdowns and the bantering between the two guys.

Eventually Jamie goes down on Jimmy, and Jimmy questions if this is the first time that Jamie has sucked cock. And when Jimmy "mugs" for the camera while getting head, is priceless. Then Clay tells Jimmy to stand on the bed and for Jamie to get on his knees. As Jimmy stands up on the bed, he says "I feel like I'm fucking Yao Ming", (a reference to the 7+ foot center of the Houston Rockets). I love Jimmy's natural college jock attitude. His put downs of Jamie are all in fun as a couple of frat boys might engage in. Jamie proves to be a great cocksucker as Jimmy fuck's his mouth. They finally lie down side by side as Clay tells Jimmy to get close and then tell Jamie who eventually jerks him off. Jimmy would rather have Jamie swallow his load as he hates to cum on himself. He said that is "never good".

After Jamie makes Jimmy cum with his hand, Jimmy wants to wipe it up immediately but then keeps flexing his still rock hard cock and says that he is doing "jumping jacks" for the ladies as both boys laugh. He tells Jamie that he is a limp dicked bitch and cannot do it, before Jamie jerks off to produce a few drops on himself. Jamie says he can't wait for Jimmy to bottom for him, but I believe that Jimmy will remain the straight model, who allows gays to pleasure him but not return the favor. And that turns me on.

If the scene is taken down, watch for when it is officially released as I found this my favorite new scene so far.
Downloaded it right away, will watch it later...

Thanks for sharing Mike!
of course, the mp4 file will be replaced with the correct file.
thank you, mike for pointing out the jimmy and jamie video.
this was a sneak preview of how good Broke Straight Boys 2.0 will be.
mark and clay keep them cumming. jimmy and jamie keep cumming.
Jimmy and Jamie together... did not have my hopes up too high. You do get to see two real straight guys. These guys talk, and laugh about each other's macho jokes. There is a weird chemistry going on. And the suck scene is great too.

This movie, a duo with one blow job, should be 15 - 20 minutes max. Less is more.

MikeYank this is indeed one of Clay's best video's till now! (Though the Vinnie & Zach video stays my favorite video. That movie still makes me hard in less than a minute.)
I, too, got to watch this episode by accident, and was quite surprised that Jimmy was actually tolerable. He wasn't so nasty, but still kept himself removed from the action. He wasn't willing to do anything, but allowed himself to be used. He was willing to be sucked but not to suck. Jamie was amiable and willing to work it. Yes, this is an improvement but still not enough action for my money. Tiny, tiny, tiny steps.
I'll give it a lot more credit than you will, whitewhale2.

This was easily the best video I've seen so far. Jimmy and Jamie were both relaxed and joking around. They were having fun and it was enjoyable to watch (amazing how those two go together :001_rolleyes: ).

It's well worth the wait, folks.
OMG I'm jealous .. those are my two favorite models on this site. I really want to watch one of them fuck (or both). Jimmy's attitude can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I think much of that is an act obviously. Jamie is so sexy to me especially when he shows his asshole.
What Scott asks for... Scott gets!

The episode between Jimmy and Jamie is coming up next Thursday on May 5th.
And Saturday the episode Jimmy and Zach is on.

This is going to be your week Scott! :tongue_smilie:
The episode between Jimmy and Jamie is coming up next Thursday on May 5th.
And Saturday the episode Jimmy and Zach is on.

This is going to be your week Scott! :tongue_smilie:
Mine too Robert. I watched Jimmy & Jamie when it was accidentially previewed, and I'm going to watch it again in a few hours. And Zack is hot too. But Jimmy gets better and better as he seems to be dropping the "homophobe persona", and letting his natural bright, fun loving personality shine through, and he is having fun in his sex scenes too. Jimmy is a keeper. In fact I like the new site a lot. :001_tt2:
This was Jimmy's best vid by far. Although even here he does next to nothing. Jamie does 95% of the work. He does show more personality though and is willing to go with the flow. I did enjoy some of his humor. Especially the part where he said that it was privilege to be able to suck his dick. :001_rolleyes: So maybe there is some hope for him yet.
Absolutely love it... of course haters will find fault as usual, but one of the best scenes I've seen on this site in general in a long time.
why is it, gscott86, that anyone who dares have a different opinion than yourself, is automatically considered a hater?
As Jtdestin pointed out on another thread we are being given what we asked for in a model like Jimmy. We wanted straight. (At least I and several others did.) So we got straight. A truly straight guy is going to require a painfully slow buildup.

I'll be the first to admit that after his dismal scene with Matt I thought he would be hopeless as a Broke Straight Boys model. But because he set the bar so low in that scene that there is no other way to go but up. Far from being a lost cause though Broke Straight Boys has sent him on tour where he is meeting members of the site face to face and meeting tons and tons of gay people. I can only take that to mean that we will be seeing bigger and better things from him in the months ahead.

I can almost picture Mark and his team waiting to release future vids of him and then proudly saying in as many words, "This is the Jimmie we've been waiting to show you!"

I will say that Jimmy needs to tone down the incessant chatter during the scenes. If the other model(s) in his scenes can't get or keep a hardon because of the wisecracking, the same is going to be true for the paying members. Let Jimmy be Jimmy and show some of his over the top personality. But work out a silent hand signal behind the cameras that's just for him. :001_rolleyes: To let him know during some critical moments of the scene that he has to be quiet.

Even though it was a little bit of a gift I gave this vid a 4. Because I see an improvement on many levels.
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why is it, gscott86, that anyone who dares have a different opinion than yourself, is automatically considered a hater?
Excellent point, Tjgoldstein and Ms. K. Although I find myself agreeing with gscott's taste in porn, I also find myself cringing every time he makes a post and finds the need to belittle anyone who disagrees. There is no "right" or "wrong" here. It is a matter of taste, and I welcome a variety of opinion's on the forum, for that is what a forum is supposed to be about. I really wish that gscott would simply state his opinion and not insult or criticize those who disagree with him.
This was a great scene. I liked the macho talk between the two guys. Made it more real and fun for the viewer. Also thought the ass shot of Jimmy was good too. It definitely needs to be fucked. Good job everyone.
This was a great scene. I liked the macho talk between the two guys. Made it more real and fun for the viewer. Also thought the ass shot of Jimmy was good too. It definitely needs to be fucked. Good job everyone.
I agree and think that this is the best scene yet on BSB2. In fact, I gave it my first 5 on the new site. I look forward to seeing Jimmy continue to progress here. And yes, the "macho talk between the two guys" made it VERY realistic. Great work, guys!!!
I've gotta agree this is the best video yet, with their interplay being the thing that made it, like Jimmy giving Jamie shit about not being a first time cocksucker (he wasn't). And yet, Jimmy wasn't going on about that being a bad thing. He's dropped the whole homophobia stance, at least for this video.

I don't know if it's from Jimmy growing up or better direction by Clay, but in any case, I'm glad the sighing and self-loathing is gone.