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Jimmy Drake Jamie


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Jul 7, 2011
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I get a little tired of all the Jimmy-bashing. As someone said on another thread, I think, Jimmy's just being himself and I don't feel he means anything crappy with the stuff he says. He's a straight guy on a gay site--we gotta get that. And he has shown a little kindness and compassion here and there. I don't think I'd care for him to show much more--he's Jimmy and that's how Jimmy expresses himself. I think he's hot, I'd go down on him in NY minute, and he could say any shit to me he wants because I don't think he's really very serious about it. Agreed, sometimes enough is enough and he could give it a rest, but all this vehemence? He strikes me as a nice enough guy who probably wouldn't take any unnecessary shit from anyone--my kinda guy.

But a problem I do have from time to time is the camera guy's failure to get the "whole ball of wax" action in the scene, as when a straight dude's giving head and stroking his own cock, we continually see the sucking going on (admittedly the 'meat' of the action) but I for one would love to see his hand on his dick jacking on it, too! We usually only get to see a hint of that action with some movement at the elbow, but not the whole thing. The same seems to be true when somebody's getting spit-roasted--if the camera could pull back a little more often to see the guy in the middle with one dick in his butt and another one down his throat at the same time, I think that would be a real huge turn-on. We usually get mostly close-ups, for the most part.

While I'm on my soapbox, one more suggestion: when a guy is getting spit-roasted, maybe if we could have the guy getting head on his back under the guy in the middle, while the middle guy is down on his fore-arms and elbows, it might be more comfortable looking with him able to get into giving head a little better; plus his ass would be more up in the air for better fkkng.

Just some thoughts. I'm really liking BSBII more as we go along (SOME stuff has been extraordinarily HOTTT!), just wanted to share a couple things.
Wow, Jakitov, those are great observations. I'm from the west coast and I deal with a lot of men, young men, in Richmond, CA, just like Jimmie. Their kind grows on you after a while and when they talk smack, you know it and flows off your back like water. But our Jimmie is different because he's on Broke Straight Boys and he has a fantastic body especially his dick. Did I say, he also has a smile that can melt your ice cream?
Thanks, Angelone. I appreciate your response. I just happen to think that Jimmy's a real regular guy, in all senses of the word, and maybe sometimes doesn't realize the effect his words may have on more sensitive folks. I don't think he means to be an a**h***, but being 'typically' straight, just says what comes to mind not even thinking that somebody's going to get cross-eyed over it. And, no, you didn't mention that his smile could melt my ice cream. But I'd like to see that, actually.
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