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Jimmy and Brett


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Nov 14, 2008
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so cal
i liked the video. jimmy stay hard. brett took it at both ends.
though out the scene, i could see cock in action, for the most part.
personally, having someone sit on it, doesn't work. other positions work fine.
anyway, i enjoyed it.
Thank You Jimmy!!

By far Jimmy's best scene ever!

I'm too tired to go into much detail at this hour. I will say though that I had high hopes for this scene from seeing the previews a while back. Jimmy was engaged...he gave us more than we expected...he was looking down at and paying attention to his fellow model....he was being his natural self and hamming for the camera...he gave a great cumshot...rather than ending the scene with a growl or a scowl, he flashed us a gorgeous smile that could melt the polar ice caps.

I gave this one a 5. :thumbup:

Well done Jimmy! xo That's how it's done.

Thank you!! :001_smile:
throughout the scene clay kept focused on the dick and that is what i am here to see.
by the way, jimmy does have a nice butt!
sometimes, it is hard to stay hard.
Awesome job Jimmy and Brett excellent video keep up the good work. Clay stop being so dam cheap pay these guys if you pay cheap you get lousy guys if you pay decent you will get quality so put some WD-40 on your wallet and pry it open.
Yes Jimmy looks great. But I look for eyes, smile, a gentle touch, intelligence, great personality...

The personality and intelligence he has. And Jimmy stole my heart too on this forum with his honesty.

So I'm gonna be honest too: If a model does not enjoy the sex, and feels comfortable; how I am expected to enjoy it?

This movie was made prior to the Behind the scenes video with Jimmy, Bobby and Jamie. I am curious to see a video of Jimmy, after he read Tampa's advice to him @: Jimmy on Behind the scenes post #32.
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Certainly more tolerable than a lot of the scenes recently. Finally I think Jimmy got it through his head that his attitude was not doing him any good. He stopped his whining and got down to business. Nice cock. I don't have to have his ass but he better suck somebodys cock soon. He did seem anxious to get his cock in Brett when he was flipped on his back. Maybe he was enjoying it. Kudos to Brett for taking it even though he was not happy about it. Can we expect more from Broke Straight Boys 2.0?
I enjoyed it. I was proud of Jimmy to see such a change in his attitude. He seems to be letting his head thinking rest while he lets us see the real Jimmy. He is str8 but he has a personally that is warming up that shows him to be a special guy on here. I like him a lot.. Keep going in the same direction Jimmy, you're great, hope to see a lot more of you on here.
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Jimmy enjoyed you

I agree this is your best video yet. Thank you for being so quiet and giving a great show
I finally don't mind Jimmy! this was a good match-up. Keep it up Broke Straight Boys, you guys are on the right track now. Still excited and waiting for Bobby to bottom, any idea when this is going to happen.
Watched the video this morning didn't do a lot for me. I am a big fan of brett's who as usual took like a champ. I just found the fucking by Jimmie to be mechanical and with no real feeling.

Now I know they are supposed to straight boys but i have recently gone back and watched Broke Straight Boys 1.0 and you have scenarios where guys actually appear to be getting into it as the action progresses. with jimmy there appeared to be a certain disinterest.

I don't know maybe it's just that i'm preferring the old Broke Straight Boys and i need to give clay more time but it didn't work for me this time!
This is an improvement. I found the fucking mechanical and whats with the cash being handed over during the shoot -- it is more than obvious that these guys are only in this for the $$.
Jimmy, I was one of those who, early on, expressed doubt about your ability and attitude to do gay porn. I must admit, that after watching the behind the scenes video and reading your input here on the forum that I've become a believer. You, like Scorpio said a long time ago, seem like a really nice guy and you have come so far in your work here. I wish you only the best.
good episode! Jimmy is much better here. still needs some improvement. if he continues to improve, i might get to really like him. he has very nice nipples! i wonder if they are sensitive and if likes to have them licked and sucked? i read that a large number of straight guys really get into having their nipples played with during sex. Brett did a good job of sucking cock and taking Jimmys nice cock up his ass. why can't BSB2 management get over flashing money in ever episode? we all know the guys are in it strictly for the money.
OK... way to go... Jimmy was awesome... love his body and that butt is just too fine.
As for Brett.... well he reminds me of Mortimer Snerd. (if you don't know who that was... google it)
I loved this scene. Jimmy did a much better job. He acted as if he was actually interested. Jimmy is very sexy, just keep that i dont give a shit attitude some where else. Brett and Jimmy did there thang. Cant wait to see more of them.
Jimmy does seem to be warming to the tasks. Once Brett was on his back Jimmy jumped right to business. He does have a magnificent set of balls doesn't he? And I'd love to pay close attention to that dick of his with that little forward bow of the head and that odd blur of foreskin and glans on the right side. Brett seemed to take it pretty easily when he sat on it, I was surprised he didn't blow while Jimmy was pounding him.

I was just flicking through some of the old scenes and I want to see Charlie back with his totally hot muscled and freckled pale skin. And that handsome face.....
And is Brett wearing those ridiculous Kim Kardashian bangle things?
I thought that Jimmy and Brett had great chemistry. Loved the rain shower of a cum shot. Keep up the good work.
ON the new Broke Straight Boys site I found on a heading for the 'Jimmy and Brett' vid it clearly says Jimmy was FINALLY offed enough money and was going to get fucked as well as Brett but it didn't happen. Why list it then not show it???