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Jason and Mick


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Dec 23, 2009
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Patchogue ,New York
Hi Guys,

WOW keep making them like this one and i will stay around a long time. No mention of money or thumps up which i really liked. I hated it that made it cheap and taudrey.This was like watching and old Broke Straight Boys 1 film.
This was so spontaneous, did not seem scripted at all. Both Mick and Jason did a real cracker jack job.:thumbup1:

Mark , get more made like this one and i will be a fan forever because to now i was ready to bail this month. I rated this a whole 5....:thumbup1:

Hope this came out ok, i typed it after getting up with an ambien in me..

Thank You


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Oh hell yeah!!!

It's great to see Jason back again!

And leave it to these young 'uns to show 'em how to do it right!

This should be required viewing to the new crop of whining, protesting models AND they should be made to take notes!

Nicely done!
Well finally two hot guys who don't mind getting down and doing the business. No whining and petulance from them. I don't mind that jason used to be on Broke Straight Boys 1 a few times before his enforced absence - he's got a great personality but could with a few trips to the gym to tone up. Honestly I don't mind that much that was a great scene.

Mick is also very hot with a well fit body seen him on College Boy Physicals. Overshadowed by jason on the personality front - I liked the contrasting skin tones between the super white mick and nicely tanned jason. Lets see both of them back soon!
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Now that's what I'm talking about!
Damn what a quality!!!!!!If Broke Straight Boys 2 is going to continue like this, they will be soon be obliged to add a 6 because 5 which I gave naturally is in fact underrated.
Fuck YEAH!!!!! That was awesome! 5 stars from me! Jason looks and sounds terrific. Mick is a hot pup with such an appealing personality. More, more, more!
This is ironic. Blu went to so much trouble to get all new guys, tutor them in the new StraightieSpirit, erase any Kinsey numbers from their personalities above a 1.5, to contract the CleverClay with his WinningWay, and it's taken this video: a blast from the past starring two D&E semi-pros, doing a D&E style scene, to get us up off a few 5s. This was good, actually great, but a lot of the recent scenes have been pretty good too. It goes to show, uh, what? That all those years of feedback and trial and error that David and his happy troupe went through to get such a fine balance between the Straightie Mythology and the Hottie Sex really showed in their work. And this tribute to them is very sweet and generous on Blu's part. What a happy ending to the week.

Thanks Mark and Clay. You guys are terrific.
WOW what a awesome video this was so hot you hit the JACKPOT on this one Jason was super and so was Mick keep them coming Clay awesome work. This video should be a required to view by all new and current Broke Straight Boys's
Jason is one of my top tree cock suckers on the site!! He is amazing!! Glad to see him back!!
Now this is what I joined for. What a great video and so good to see Jason back. Mick needs a little work on his oral talents, but the scene was a 5 in my book. Welcome back Jason. If Broke Straight Boys keeps this type of scene going, they'll skyrocket back to the top. Great job.
Pure Perfection. No whining, no complaining, no excuses, no money throwing/waving, no close up shots of the brown terror.. 2 guys who knew what was happening and how to do it.

First time I've rated the new Broke Straight Boys a five.
Finally. Those guys are both so cute. Wow Jason beefed up but he still looks awesome. I don't care if his whole prison story is total bs or not (if it is, very creative! he never took it once in 2 years, but he rides cute little mick and his hot fat cock like he loves it... it's not like they don't provide condoms in prison, don't they?). And Mick's moaning as he came was hot. Sexy talk is nice but not if it's forced. But this is more what I joined Broke Straight Boys for years ago. Thank you!
WOW a 5 all the way! Both guys are cute as can be and will to entertain.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

Broke Straight Boys v2.0 Finally Breaks into the members Favorites Grid !

It took 31 Episides and the return of a Broke Straight Boys v1.0 Model, the ever talented Jason, to break the rotation. A fluke, or a sign of things to come? Only time will tell. Savor the moment for now. Theye're dancing in the streets in forumland., stiffies of every size,shape and color were to be had everywhere. Free paper towels for everyone!!

Wow, Mick should call himself Abel, as in ready, willing and........ He's an interesting mix of tough little guy and twink. Very appealing. Now that we have an oldie returning dare we hope for a few more?
I agree with everyone, this was hot!!! Would love to see Jason with Bobby or Rocco. An experienced guy like Jason would be good for either one of these guy's if they want to continue in this business. Whose coming back next? would love to see Nu back.
Definitely one of the best if not the best of the BSB2 episodes.

However, if anyone believes that Jason didn't have any sex in prison, I have a bridge to sell to you.
Good Show, Good Job, Good Going Guys
What a Great mixture of old model with new model
I gave it a 5 and hope to see lots more of jason and mick