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jamie and brody


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Jul 5, 2010
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So, how many people here relished getting flipped off and insulted by a pair of wanktard stupids?

Brody - whiney, boring, over tanned, ugly, immature, no personality except for pretending he's hot shit, insulting, makes women think about going gay.

Jamie - whiney, boring, ugly, immature, thinks he's hot shit when he's not, insulting, makes women think about going gay.

Honestly, new Broke Straight Boys has hit the bottom of the barrel for me... and I thought the fish slapping scene was as low as it could go.

Clay needs to fire everyone and go to a better agent for Broke Boys. I'm sure 99% of people paying for a subscription didn't sign up for two barely out of the cromag ages 'models' to be so vile. Yes, there are a couple of fairly goodish ones such as Bobby and Zach but the house needs a complete sweep in order to set things right again.

Clay shouldn't have to ask the boys to moan while directing the video.. it should be done during the pre-shoot talk where they discuss how the scene is going to go. Clay needs to tell the boys to stop their bitching and whining, no-one wants to hear that, likewise, with the pathetic overly done homophobia... a bit of whining is fine but not to this degree and I'm surprised Clay didn't do anything about it. Bad form Clay, very bad form.

I'm still not seeing a scene where things run smoothly.. they are awkward, clunky, badly acted, full of insults, actors are bored out of their minds, barely anyone knows what to do next - including Clay! If Clay does have some sort of plan or walk through for his scenes... it doesn't show at all.

We all know that Broke Straight Boys models knowingly sign up to do gay sex so please, stop with the 'finds' on the street and park, it's just hokey and no-one believes it. Also, Matt does not make for a good pimp, he's just coming off as a creepy ugly dude with yellow teeth.

I swore I wouldn't say this... even after the vomit inducing fish slapping... while I don't want David back... I do want his old formula back. Give me a gay/bi boy who can believably act straight with another bi-curious boy on a couch together, bit of humour thrown in every now and again with the shoot running more or less smoothly as they had all discussed before hand what was going to happen and how.

I repeat, I *don't* want David the Model Molester back!

I had high hopes for BSB2 but after watching update after update ... each one boring in its own way... with the majority of the models being unlikeable, abrasive wanktards or well fucked gay boys who can't even bring themselves to pretend they are being fucked for the first time... quite frankly, I'm looking for greener pastures because so far, I feel like I am wasting my time every time I watch a video.
Loved it .... really liked Brody... I gave it a 5 and I think we will see Brody do alot more in the future.... I sure hope we do!
Sorry Episode!!!

Jamie and Brody- What a waste. Brody, If sex with another man is so objectionable, stop bitching and just go away. Jamie, even with his whining did suck Brody's cock. Jamie should have left teeth marks, as a thank you to Brody's obnoxious mouth.

Clay, I'm sure that you realize that there is still to much BULL SHIT and not enough action. These models are on Broke Straight Boys, you don't have to pound home the straightness.

I think the most telling account of the success of Broke Straight Boys II, is that of today no new episodes have made it into Members Favorite Episodes.
What I think is sexy hot...

My blog has always focused on hyper-masculine, bad boy kind of guys. (In the past I used the term "straight acting" or something like that, I refuse to use that term anymore.)

And I do like seeing hyper-masculine, bad-boy, (gay or gay-for-pay) type guys enjoying (or appearing to enjoy) gay sex; it happens all the time.

What I don't think is sexy: supposedly gay-for-pay guys who either: act like they are doing you a favor by being in the shoot, or: guys who obviously either go out of their way to pretend to not enjoy whatever it is they're doing (usually sex with another guy) or those guys who really aren't enjoying what they are doing (usually sex with another guy). It brings to mind a model on ASG (Brock) when he got fucked in the ass; he appeared to be in so much pain that it was literally painful to watch and not in the least bit sexy.

All the great gay-for-pay models who have had great porn careers are really good at appearing to enjoy sex with guys; maybe some of them don't (or didn't at first) but you can't tell by watchin' 'em! (Oh Brody, are you listening?)

At least Jimmy seems to enjoy getting his dick sucked and fucking ass, when he finally gets down to the "dirty deed" at hand.

Does any of this make sense?

So, how many people here relished getting flipped off and insulted by a pair of wanktard stupids?

I was truly insulted by the conclusion of this video and am seriously considering whether or not to pay $30/month for such degrading insults. This is NOT the only gay site on-line
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Sad, sad, sad! I don't see how anyone but erikthbod could have liked this scene. Both the boys were so unlikeable and sour that I could only shake my head and wonder why I was still watching. Yes, Jamie did suck and did a creditable job although it was clear he wasn't happy. Brody was so uncooperative and nasty that I hope I never see him again even though he was a human fountain. Obviously he really didn't like was was happening. BSB2 should have just burned this without ever releasing it. Hope Clay didn't drive too many subscribers away. Burning bridges?
I have to agree with all that has been said. I felt insulted by those jack ass of models you hired Clay. The constant wining and crying they did tonight is just no excuse for Brody reminds me of spoiled trust fund boy, that has to have it his way or he cries like a baby. Is the money I pay every month is it worth to continue Yes but it is wearing my patience with these dam models that continue the winning about everything. Maybe if you would pay theses models more you might get some decent guy's. Clay reach down and pull your head out of your rear and see the light. and make these models to some work or fire them and get new ones ,
Damn I haven't even watched it yet but I can tell from the stills that Brody is a Jimmy. Man, is he tanorexic or what? And those eyebrows! Next thing we'll have The Situation and his buddies on here needing money for hair gel supplies.
If I express my sincere feelings about this video they would be one of utter disgust and confusion. So rather then go on about the negative points of this video I will list all the good things about it.


Get the point? All I can say is thank heavens for the archives and bonus sites.
I need my money for gas, not this

Denny, you're the best. As usual, your remarks are dead on.
I also agree with the comment regarding the best-of's... I've been thinking the same thing since the first episode was released. It's telling when your "new and improved" website doesn't even make a splash with the most loyal viewers and the best videos (by election) are a year old or more.

If this were my business, I would worry about making changes NOW in order to save what customers I still have. It appears that the usual business plan doesn't apply to Broke Straight Boys Instead, let's use up all of the old stock even if it's spoiled (like the models), has a bad appearance (like the models), and doesn't sell (like the models). :banghead:

Where oh where is Diesal.. :bored:
Site Owner

Site Owner, your paying membership deserves much better! Please, I plead with you, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! SOON!!
The complaining by the guys was overdone. I actually like brody but he needs to get his head round what he's there for before filming. Maybe jamie was the wrong model to pair him with. He's too into the alpha male persona and ready with his put me down's for someone who's as nervous and insecure as brody.

Maybe somebody like Zach or Brett or Tony who seem more open minded and may have persuaded Brody to do a bit more and feel a little bit more at ease. I know i'm probably in a minority here i do find brody attractive in some ways and i'd like to see him given one more chance but not with jamie or with any uber masculine guys.

I sometimes think that the old formula of putting a bi-curious/gay guy with a new straight guy as has been mentioned before works better.
Waiting patiently for a better shoot!

And, I don't think a bicurious/gay boy is needed to bring about a good shoot. There were many, many pairings in the old Broke Straight Boys that were very good. Plus, for me, it's hotter to watch two straight guys get comfortable with each other. BSB2 just needs to find better models. I realize that sometimes you get a new guy and may not really know how they are going to act once the filming begins, but, after one bad shoot, there is no need to keep bringing a particularly uncomfortable model back for another poor shoot. Why?
I concur

I concur with the majority. This episode was a waste of the bandwidth to stream the video. Very disappointed. :thumbdown:
A dissenting point of view

I woke up during the night, and decided to check out the new scene. I logged onto the forum and read the dreadful reviews, and decided that it would not be worth my time, and went back to sleep. I did watch it this morning.

I obviously come to this site for something completely different than what appears to be 99% of the forumites who post come here for. I was shocked to find that I enjoyed this scene. I did not like Brody's solo. He is not the type of guy that turns me on, and Jamie is handsome, with a nice body, but his personality is a bit overbearing. But I found the interplay between Brody, Jamie and Clay quite entertaining.

I've spent some time in my life both when I was younger, and over the past number of years with straight guy's in their early 20's who remind me quite a bit of these two model's. Their language is crude, their mind set is not politically correct. They speak in "demeaning" ways about women, and about gay sex, but I see it as they are mostly being playful, and are trying to keep their macho image in a circumstance where they are doing something very "non-macho".

Jamie has made up his mind that stroking a dude's cock, sucking dick, and even kissing, (see Jamie & Tony) are not quite that horrible. And even though there was a lot of talk about Brody not being able to get hard with another dude, his cock was basically very hard throughout the scene.

I've come to realize that most of the active posters on the forum, want more from than the model's than these two did in this scene, so I will just speak for myself. I found the scene, surprisingly hot. I enjoyed watching masculine, handsome Jamie sucking on Brody's cock, and I liked watching Brody's face, as he tried to hide the pleasure he was receiving, but his hard cock with the thick vein right in the middle told me that he was enjoying it a hell of a lot more, than his words would indicate. And his cum shot was worthy of some of the best shooters ever on either version of this site.

Jamie & particularly Brody are not my type, in the same way Rocco, Jimmy, and Bobby are, but I was turned on by seeing very masculine straight appearing guys getting naked and having sex with each other. There is room for improvement on Broke Straight Boys-2, but I am still enjoying the episodes.
What do they, the "models" expect?

This has got to be the one of the most insulting ones I've seen. For them to say, "Fuck all of you out there." was truly insulting. If he was "homeless" before, let him go back to being homeless rather than stay and insult US who are paying for his now having a home. Brody should never be permitted back. While he is a good looking guy, let him get a JOB and buy his car like we all did/do. To call back and rec. OUR money and then act the way he did is not what I paid for. If he hates us so badly, I don't want to see him again. Jamie played into Brody's homophobia. He should have shut up and just recd' his pay. We know they are "straight" are they trying to convince us or themselves?
WOW! What a great way to build a fan base!

Whine and bitch and moan while constantly proclaiming how much you hate doing what your job description must have, or at least should have clearly spelled out. Then top it off by insulting and flippin' the bird to the very people who made it possible for you to be here getting paid in the first place! No wonder these guys are unemployed, they're unemployable. How much you want to bet that both these dudes have been fired from jobs because of bad attitudes or failure to show up at all. From my perspective, these boys did'nt show up for this shoot, and they got paid anyway.

I recently came back to Broke Straight Boys after being gone for about 8 months. The reason I left was that my wallet had been lost or stolen and I had to cancel my cards at about the time my subscription would be billed. I wrote to Mark to inform him that I would update as soon as the new cards arrived, but I was cancelled anyway. What really surprised me was that there was no attempt made to retain me as a customer who had been a member for 3+ years! When my cards arrived and I went to renew my subscription, guess what? They wanted more money! So I decided then, since the site was in a state of metamorphasis so to speak, David was on his way out, Broke Straight Boys.2 was evolving, that I would take a stroll around the block and check out some of the other sites that offered simular fare. I found some very good sites that were cheaper and still offered what I was looking for. I tried out seversl sites, a month at a time and EVERYTIME I cancelled, they attempted to retain me by offering a reduced rate! But I knew I wanted to come back to my beloved Broke Straight Boys and all the characters on the forum I had grown to know and love. So I wrote Broke Straight Boys again to inquire about the New Broke Straight Boys and if all the old videos were still available and if the forum was still active. I inquired 3 times, and never received an answer from anyone. I have been back for about 10 days now, and so far the only new models with any redeeming quality or personality that I am looking for have been Bobby, Zack and to a lessor degree, Vinnie. I'm still on the fence with Jimmy, there may still be hope for him.

There's still 20 days left till my month is up, but if this scene is indicative of what to expect, Maybe I'll take another 6 or 8 month stroll around the block and see what's up with my buddies Next Door, maybe by then, things will be figured out, some attractive, personable, less homophobic models will be "discovered" and the once mighty Broke Straight Boys Ship will be righted and set to sail once again.
- Jason
I have been a member of Broke Straight Boys for quite some time now and honestly, the "new and improved Broke Straight Boys" has not impressed me that much. I have always enjoyed the site, but lately my patience has begun to wear thin with all the whining, bitching, and posturing of these guys. I am beginning to wonder if the $30 a month is worth it or not? I hope that we see some significant improvements in the coming months.

I know the feeling! And, I have had a similar experience.I joined Broke Straight Boys in 2007 or 2006, I really can't remember, but it was back on page 1! I put my subscription on the monthly recurring charge where it remained until 2010, when the card I had used expired. I rarely use that card, so I was not aware it had expired. One day I came to Broke Straight Boys and could not log in. I tried contacting BluMedia several times and never got a response. When they could no longer charge, they just dropped my membership like a hot potato. And, like you, there was no attempt on their part to try and get me back, or anything. I figured they had such a large fan base, that they are not concerned about keeping loyal members. Kudos to Blu for being so successful.
After several months and and sites, I decided to come back to Broke Straight Boys Foolishly, I didn't want the monthly charge, so I upped for a year. When my year is up, however, I too will be thinking long and hard before continuing on this site. I love the site, and I will miss it, but it just doesn't look like Broke Straight Boys is going to return to the style on which it began and was so successful. I guess its true that, all good things do come to an end.
Mikeyank, are you sure you were awake when you watched the video? Or, is it just that you have decided to become a nice guy? The thing about the BSB2 models is that they are mostly good to look at; the problem is when they open their mouths. Well, except when they are sucking on a cock. Maybe I should watch the scenes with the sound off?
I think the best scene for Brody would be a s/m scene where he is kidnapped, a bag put over his head, tied up and lightly tortured. A little paddling of the ass, a little sucking of the cock, perhaps a Dildo but I guess that is not what this site is about. Oh well, I can dream.