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Dec 31, 2008
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Wow, I think the producers of Broke Straight Boys answered an ad for a male hustler in the local gay rag to come up with Jack. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel?
I wanted to provide some clarification on my last post, before people start blasting me.

I just found the guy a total turn-off, he mentions in the first minutes of his video that he has a little girl; but can't pass a drug test to keep/get a job. He then repeats it! Hmmm, bet you can't guess where the money from this shoot is going....... I am not naive enough to believe that Jack would be the first model to use drugs, but to bring it up twice in an introductory scene made my skin crawl.

The second problem I had with him was he was clearly not a novice at the Gay for Pay game and I don't mean on the screen. At first I thought it was probably scripted that he got naked to change into the shorts, and started stroking his dick while asking if he could do anything else for some more money on the rooftop. However when Clay complimented him the studio on having a nice dick, he responded by offering to allow Clay to touch it for $20.00. Ummm.... This guy has street hustler written all over him. While I am not naive enough to believe that no male model has ever hustled before, but Jack was overly blatant about it in his scene.

Sorry, I find the guy a total turn-off and personally, he gives me the creeps....
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I think he is a cutie! whatever is his story who the %$#@$ cares? I think i would take him over Bobby, or better yet watching them two go at it.
I think he is a cutie! whatever is his story who the %$#@$ cares? I think i would take him over Bobby, or better yet watching them two go at it.

For some of us, part of this site includes back stories and dialogue that is designed to allow us to relate to the models. Rather than just being an object of our viewing pleasure, they are given substance and depth which we can relate to on a human level. While I will give you the point that Jack was nice to look at, I don't think I want to relate to him on a human level.......
Well Jack is very interesting, I don’t believe his story for a minute but he is dam nice to look at. I really would like to know where he came from and how he got hired to be a model. Speaking of wanting to know can anyone shed any light on what that opening scene was all about? It appeared to be a roof top hot tub but so what were those little cabanas or huts behind it?
include me among those who find jack cute and those who think like jack.
Jack is hot. I'd like to see more. As for the models back stories. I hope not to be naive enough to believe they are all true. There may be some elements of truth sprinkled about, but I believe most are fictional.

- Josh
I'll join with those who like Jack. It was nice to have someone willing. He's cute, has a great body and a beautiful cock. I can't wait to see him with another guy. I just hope he's as cooperative then..it could be a great scene. gave it a 4.
I agree Jack is cute and he "knows" what he is doing. What bothers me was his drug problem. If he is making this video for drug money; I would be upset to know indirectly I was supporting a guy, with a child, drug habit. I can support all the broke str8 guys but I will not support in any way a person's drug habits. If the Clay is aware of this, well, it makes us look like we will do "anything" for sex.., including supporting a person's drug addiction. Sorry, I don't support that............
I agree with the previous post about supporting an addicts drug habit. I just assume that most of these models, as well as most street prostitutes, do this kind of work to earn money to support their drug habit. The difference here is that Jack is almost crying out for help by telling us he continues to fail his urine tests for mainstream employment. I would hope that he can get the help he needs...........if and when he's ready.
I too think Jack is hot, whether his story is true or not -- if he is really willing to go with someone and jerk off on camera for 50 bucks, his story is true.

But, how are we to know?

In any case, I would like to see more of him . Again, if his story is true, he will be more than willing to take it up the ass and I would love to see that.
Jack is hot

Great Jack off scene. Just had to say it. ha ha. I'm glad to see someone with real pubes and happy trail. I find him to be really hot. Love his hairy ass!! Can't wait to see it used to its fullest soon. One of the best jack-off scenes on Broke Straight Boys ever. Great to have a model so professional acting that follows instruction so well. Great find!!

What a hottie! Unfortunate that he has a drug problem, but, I suspect he is not the only one.

I'd love to see him come back and paired with another truly willing model, like Brett, or Zach. I can see Jack giving in to bottoming, eventually, but i'd be happy to see him top a guy or two first, and suck his first cock.
Jack is one of the best looking guys we have seen so far. I hope he is paired with either, Jason, Mitch, or Bobby.

This is definitely one of those times I am hoping the story is made up.
To the owner of Broke Straight Boys I don't think it is a matter if we like or dislike Jack. He is a very handsome guy and sexy, but I think some of us are questioning the ethics here. Is this a site that promotes drug addiction? He admitted he continues to fail drug tests and we can only guess where the money is going to go....to his child or to drugs? DO we want to support his habit?
Jack is one of the best looking of the new Broke Straight Boys, with a handsome face, great body and a very nice cock, and yes Slim, he is a bit "sassy", too. :tongue_smilie:

As far as the other comments made on this thread, I never take the "story" that the model presents as necessarily true, just as I never believe that the amount of money offered on screen is necessarily true either.

I like a good looking kid who knows that he is hot. I enjoyed it when Clay asked him if he was proud of his dick, and if he likes to put on a show, and he smiled and agreed that he did.

Finally, I think that some of us got too hung up on his "drug habit' that he is supporting. He said that he keeps failing a drug test, which could be only marijuana. In keeping things as realistic as possible, I don't think it is a far stretch for a 20 year old kid to like to "party" and smoke some weed, and I'll bet that the real Jack has had guys offer him money before to show off his dick.

Neither smoking weed, or letting a guy stroke his dick for some cash are a far fetch for the type of kid who will do jerk off on camera for an internet porn site. I like Jack, and I like that Clay appears to be no longer flashing the cash on screen, or making the models recite that they'll do anything for money. The new Broke Straight Boys is getting better and better.