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Is there a secure way to sign out of the site?


Sep 30, 2009
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Went to sign in today after two days of not viewing site, and discovered i had never been signed out, even though i cleared cache etc. is there a link to "sign out" when we're done? thanks.
Welcome to the forum Al60.

I would find that very odd if you were able to get back into the main site without the password prompt. I'm assuming that you had shut down the computer at least once in that two day time period? Shutting down the computer always forces me to go through the password prompt in order to get back in.

Logging out of the forum is a bit simpler. As all you have to do is click the "Logout" button on the far right and it will sign you off the forum. Hope that helps.
If you use 'sleep' mode you're not signed out either. You have to close your browser in those cases...
also, if you are worried about all of the privacy issue, Mozilla Firefox has a new feature its called Private Browsing. You go up to tools and click Start Private Browsing. Do all thee stuff you want then close the browser when your done. It doesn't keep history, cache, cookies, download paper trail (but it will keep the things you DL) It works very well if you share your computer.