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Is BrokeMichael moving on?


I came across new work by BrokeMichael at another site recently.
Mike has always been my favorite Broke Straight Boys model. Is he moving on to
other venues, or will he continue to be a Broke Straight Boys?

BTW, it was a very hot scene :) !!

The scenes we're seeing now were all filmed about 8 or 9 months ago, and David hasn't filmed anything for Broke Straight Boys for nearly that length of time nor will he be doing in the future. So Mikey's been something less than a year off the futon permanently. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that he'd tried working elsewhere, and I'd be really interested to know where you've seen him doing that.

Thank you Caracas.
So far he has one video at LollipopTwinks.com. It was pretty good; a completely different environment from Broke Straight Boys I didn't like the editing of the video, because a lot more went on the in photo set than in the video.

Mike is still smokin' hot, though...
I am not sure, that may be some earlier work done by Mike. He looks a little younger in that scene it could be the hair cut though. Also, I thought he was working for Bluemedia Studios with our Tyler somewhere. Ahh ! Who knows. :thumbup1:
Not BrokeMichael is moving on, but Broke Straight Boys is...

There is a new Mike Robbins video on David's new site gayrentboys.com.

And a banner advertising for Broke Straight Boys On this site under LINKS there is no banner for gayrentboys.com yet...

I just had a quick look at this site.
Just a couple of things (ok four):-
1. MikeR's appearance on this site looks like being around the same time he last appeared on Broke Straight Boys
2. Corey is also on this site
3. What clues on this site refer to it as being David's new site?
4. I can't find the "LINKS" you were referring to
Hi Raysvq,

The site will be revamped soon I heard. And there probably will be some clues added, so visitors know it's David's site.

And the LINKS I'm referring to is the red button on the upper right corner on the Broke Straight Boys menu-bar... between Live Shows and Support.

Grtz Caracasboi so you mean Mike (Mikey) the handsome boy that never bottoms. If he appears on the other site too, I'll send you a message!
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Went to Gayrentboy and wasn't impressed. It only has a few bonus sites, mainly Asian. They did have sdboy.com, sd standing for San Diego. From the looks of it that's a hot site. It is vague about it's bonus sites. Those are important to have when the updates suck!
Saw two of the models from Broke Straight Boys
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I visited LolliPopBoys.com and looked at the sample video of our boy Mike! He looks great as always. What a sweet kid. They list his cock as "average" on his bio. If Mike is just average on that site, the other boys must really be massive!!! I hope he is safe, having fun and making great cash. I always liked Mike and his cousin Jacob Anthony!
Would love to see them again!