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Irene Storm Watch


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Jan 5, 2009
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I am in the path. Don't want to be there. New Jersey usually does not have extreme weather events. However, we seem to be getting them. I live in an apartment complex and there is not much I can do. I have spent the day filling tiny sandbags to place around my penis. Best I can do.

good luck from a place where the earth shakes alot. with no notice at all. good luck!
Tim, I have gone through a lot a hurricanes during the 24 years that I lived in Florida. Each one was different, but each one was potentially dangerous. By the time Irene reaches you in New Jersey, hopefully it will have lost a lot of her "punch". With all of the rain you have recieved recently, the biggest problem facing you will be downed trees and flooding. Stay in your apartment if possible and follow the directions of the emergency departments there in New Jersey. Expect a long period of time without electricity and stock up on non-perishable foods, batteries, cash (money), first aid kits, etc. Keep it cool, man, and you will be alright.

Good luck, Tim.

BTW, send us a picture of your penis surrounded by all of those little sand bags. LOL
A short prayer for potential victims

Dear fellow forumites,

For those in the path of Irene, I pray that you will be safe from all harm. Prepare as well as you can while you still have the chance!

God bless all of you in this time of need!


This storm is staying on track. It is not here as yet, but something is screwing up my internet and cable connections. Keep losing both. Quite often these nor'easters hit Cape Hatteris and veer off to the east. The storm is supposed to hit my area around Saturday afternoon and last through Sunday afternoon. We have had so much rain this month that the ground is saturated. So I expect massive power failures throughout the area. NYC, about an hour away, is pretty much shutting down on Saturday.

8:30 pm I am about 20 minutes from Rutger's stadium. It has been raining fairly hard for about 2 hours; not much wind. Went out around 5:30 pm and many businesses were already closed. One mall I drove through was totally closed. Later,

11:00 pm The rain has picked up. The wind has really picked up. My township told motorists to be off the roads at 10 pm until further notice. This looks like it is going to be a rough 18 hours or so.

1:30 am The rain and wind have stopped. Go figure.

2:45 am It is still very calm out. I don't get it.

It is 4:30 AM here in NYC and it also seems like a light rain and the wind isn't too bad at all. Perhaps it will get worse later, or perhaps it is petering out. We will see.
Tim, from what I am reading, the eye of the storm is still south of you and won't be upon you until sometime later today. What you were probably experiencing last night was the feeder bands, which spin off the eye ahead of the storm. It's still heading toward you though. You probably should stay close to home today. When it really gets nasty, it could happen rather quickly.

It is around 6 am. Still pretty quiet outside. You are probably correct. It is not really here yet. I am going to bed and will wake during the storm or be awakened by it. I am somewhat amazed I still have power.

Tim, the power outages probably happen when the eye gets closer to you. And you are right, it will probably wake you up. Get some sleep, though, you will probably need it.
Tim, I just turned the TV on, and according to the weather radar pictures, the eye is pretty much over you now. The worst of the weather is north of the eye, which probably means you have seen the worse part of the storm. It looks pretty clear south of the eye. We are not getting any TV coverage of the storm at all here, except on the national news, so I can only guess at what I am looking at on the radar picture.
Tim, I don't know what I was reading off the internet earlier, but it must have been an older report. It should now be all over for you, except the mop up. Glad you survived. I live in Ohio now, but I still own my home in Florida...I'll have to invite you one day to come down and ride out a real hurricane. Quite an experience!
This storm really turned out to no big deal for me. And the power actually stayed on. The state of NJ has two big problems now. Many people are without power, which could take days to repair. The other problem is water. It has nowhere to go.

This was a massive storm with massive damage. Inland NJ faired worse than the shore area. Some rivers will not be cresting until Thursday afternoon. It will probably take all week for the state to dry out. It may also take a week to restore power to all areas. Many roads also messed up. This kind of damage goes north right through Maine. Trying to get to Orange County, NY, this week, but not sure if the roads are open.

Now we just had the remnants of Hurricane Lee blow through our area. Some of the places that were just beginning to recover got hit again. Northeast Pennsylvania is having some severe flooding. This was a double hit for many areas that were already saturated with water from the record August rainfall.