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Intern Moore and Dr.F on CBP


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Nov 30, 2009
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The more I see Intern Moore the more I like him. He reminds me of a former model Nelson, who would try anything, and paired with Dr.F, always gave a great show.
While I was watxhing Intern Moore, I couldn't help but hope, that he,(Moore,) could do more scenes and try out everything. I found the new video very hot, and I love Moore's tattoos.
Great job, both of you.
Thanks for a great scene.
College Boy Physicals has become unwatchable. Each new update is exactly the same as the one before. While most of the models are attractive, how many times must we watch Dr. F maul the patient?? More action and less Dr. F please.
I have to say it has become very predictable in format. The patients are generally very attractive but the sex has become mediocre at best. There are only so many times I am interested in seeing Dr. F jack someone's dick or shove some device up someone's rear end. And we are well past that number of times now. All too often these days when I stop by and look my only reaction is "what a waste of a potentially good scene with a hot model".