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Important Florida Legislation


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Oct 26, 2008
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The Joke-Governor of Florida has some legislation he may have to deal with. It is very germane to gay fetish porn consumers, both of the proposed laws, but only if Clay is, as was David, filming in the state. In one case especially the dress of BSBs during the opening scenes of a shoot could be seriously affected:

Rick Scott is a joke. He's also a crook whose company paid a record $2 Billion fine to the feds for willful and systemic Medicare/Medicaid fraud. But that's another story.

But again this is another example of a Republican state government in the 21st century. More of legislators who act like they have nothing better to do with their constituent's money and the state government's time. This was among other urgent affairs of state from a governor who campaigned on the them of "Jobs, jobs, jobs." Yet cancelled a federally funded high-speed passneger rail system to go from Tampa to Orlando...and then eventually extended all the way to Miami. A project that would have created several thousand jobs. But... The money would have come from Stimulus funds that Obama had approved. So of course it was evil.

A few other examples of smaller government to get out of people's lives and their pocketbooks? They have recently passed more restrictions on abortion in this last session. They have also just made it illegal for your medical doctor to ask you if you guns in your home. It was becoming an epidemic, I tell you! They decided that we did not have a "State Amphibian". So they rectified this terrible oversight of past Florida state governments and named the barking treefrog to this newly created title.

They have also tried to make it legal for permit holding gun owners to openly display their guns in public. I'm sure it will be no problem at all for a college professor to tell a 6'4" 260 lb student with a loaded pistol on his belt loop that he plagiarized most of his term paper. And because of this he would receive an F and quite possibly be kicked out of the college. I'm sure the professor will do the right thing and report this student to the school authorities as per regulations.

You would think that we had no serious problems for the state government to deal with down here.
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If there is going to be no more animal sex, Mark may need to take down the second Eric and Ross video.
Not sure that I see how the "droopy drawers" legislation would affect Clay, since the boys are not in school while filming! But personally, I am all for the anti-gang move, to force 'em to hike 'em up while in public. It is epidemic here in Cali!

And, in an aside to Smiley, if Mark take your suggestion, you and me is gonna go rounds, busta! LOL!
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Don't worry I have another li'l thread for you lunatics. You can discover what your true political identity is if you take a little test. As if you didn't know already. I guess I'll call it, uh, Discover Your True Political Identity. Don't let me down.

Really really fucked that lubetube is gone. Shit.
Response to tampa24
1. Being from North Florida I don’t see were a train from Tampa to Orlando would do any good and Florida would have had to match the funds with state money (Tax money) and our country is in the red nearly 3 trillion dollars why spend billions on a train that runs less than 150 miles to start with!

2. Why does my Dr. need to know if i have a gun in my home?

3. Ill give you the state Amphibian vote!

4. I won’t speak on the abortion issue but i am glad my mom was not for it and i bet your glad your mom was not either. Happy Mothers day Mom and thanks!

5. Permit gun holders in school come on! by lawn no guns in state buildings or any school
Hell there kicking kids out of schools for having butter knifes in there lunch bags to spread there PB&J

6. the droopy drawers issue well i could take it or leave it maybe if mom or dad took the time to care what the kids came to school in it would not be an issue.

these are things state and local government should be doing!! but not our federal government. Federal is the biggest wasters of money weather it be the repubs. or demos. they should not worry about College football bowel games, steroids in baseball, football strikes or high speed rail in Florida if there is a need for high speed rail in Florida private investors could build it!
yeah and i agree with you on many many things on here... Ill never let political views change that....we all have them

take care
The Train is a boondoggle only to those who have a short sighted view of transportaiton in this country.

There seems to be a consensus that by drilling for more oil domesticaly, we can solve our energy problems which have a lot to do with transportation given that lack of sense by which our communities ahve been organized. Lets be sure of one thing, Drilling for more domestic oil only means that we will have more to sell in the Oil markets at the same price as middle eastern oil. That is unless the government chooses to add price subsidies to domestic oil production to match the price the market has set. Of course that provides another issue, we dont like government subsidies for anything and think the ones we have should all be ended because they rely on tax revenue to fund them.

On another note, I see high speed rail in this country as a project that American should rally around as air travel gets ridiculous. I think it could be just as fascninating for this generation as space travel was in the 60's and 70's. We actually need something positive on a national level to rally around and move past Sept 11 or the death of Osama.

As for the debt, well its never going to go away when you reduce spending and then reduce tax revenue at the same time. THe end of that kind of thinking has never resulted in a debt reduction but that is how it typically goes in the political arena.

I am going to be somewhat harsh here in saying that the biggest drag on our economy is all of the promised benefits both public and private that will go to the baby boomer generation over the next 25 years. The funding of those entitlements should have been adjusted to reflect the demand they will see many years ago but due to political aspirations, no one had the cahones to say it and then do it. Now we can't cut the benefits either for the same reasons.