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I love Family Guy

Now and then I watch it. Did you see the interview where they were all on the Actors Studio? That was fun as he interviewed them and then as their charecters. I have it recorded I think.
Awesome show......we get a double espisode on a Thursday night down here....baby Stuie rocks it:001_tt2:
I love the kind of shows that have such irreverent humor for so many of our cultural or PC taboos. Much like "South Park" or the old show "Drawn Together".
it is one of the better cartoons out there. it is a great building block to establish someons character hahahaha
Love the Show, it's hilarious. I also am enjoying the spin-off "The Cleveland Show" Too Funny.
It is the greatest show and so damn funny. Anyone watch it?


Family guy is a pretty funny. I have had to adjust to the show. I really like Southpark a bit better. Although, I spend a lot of time wondering how, when, or if Kenny is being killed in that episode. LOL:thumbup: I guess it has always been the transition between reality cartoons and my old favotites of Buggs, Daffy, Wilie Cyote, Road Runner, Yosemiti Sam, Elmer fudd, Woody, Tom, Jerry, and Popeye.
Kind of how the old cartoos defy death. South park kind of acknowledges death with Kenny. But some how Kenny always comes back to life for another episode. LOL
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Love the Show, it's hilarious. I also am enjoying the spin-off "The Cleveland Show" Too Funny.

Welcome to the Forum Winchester. Is that a gun or are you just happy to see us. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. Anyway, welcome to the Forum dude.:thumbup:
I am actually pretty obsessed with Family Guy. I own every DVD they have released and I watch it every night on Adult Swim. It is the only show I am obsessed with though.
one of my favorite shows, was when peter learned that lois never was a kiss fan and felt betrayed by the fact that she just pretended to like kiss because he did.
then by chance lois sees a someone she once slept with. he had become kiss's leadman.
peter said it was like he had slept with him, too.
lois when ask for any advice she would give young girls, said just make your available, she never know who may become a star!
Hello, hello, hello...Winchester! I am glad you are part of the forum. Like the guys, we likes to be "fondled" often; cum and join the gang!
I like Family Guy, but my favorite show right now is Modern Family. Both my husband and daughter agree that I am at least 5 of the characters...and!
Hi Beth,

Winchester won't read your post... he posted his first and last message on October, 7th 2009...

"Both my husband and daughter agree that I am at least 5 of the characters"
When did they notice you were a schizophrenic dear?
Fuck! I am out of practice...I forgot to look at the date. As far as the schizophrenia, I've known for a long time that we hold all of these personalities....and they agree with me!
The BBC broadcasts Family Guy in Europe. I love Brian the dog.