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HustlaBall, Sunday, May 3rd, London


Oct 28, 2008
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The Broke Straight Boys will be visiting clubs outside the United States for the first time ever. In the next couple of months, we will be traveling to Europe!

London's HustlaBall is the first one we're proud to announce. I wanted to post the date as early as possible so you all plan accordingly.

Once the final details are worked out with this and other European events, I'll post them here!

I'm excited to meet as many of our British members as possible when we're in London.

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The HustlaBall is an event that words can't describe, but of course, I'll try. The promotors, Jeffrey and Brandon, did an increadable job of getting the word out. There were literally thousands of partiers. The line to get in around 2 am was around the block! Thank God the space could hold all the people, but barely. The pictures below will hopefully give you some idea of how wild it was.....


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Here's some more.......


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