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How my BSB shirt Got me SEX


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Apr 2, 2010
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Central Valley, California
Hi All,

I thought I would take a minute and share a great adventure with you. Hope you all enjoy. First I want to start by saying thank you to BluMedia (Mark) for sending me my Broke Straight Boys Shirt. This sexual encounter was all made possible by wearing my Broke Straight Boys Shirt to the gym.

Up very early on Saturday morning decided to head to the gym which opens at 4:30am. When getting a shirt to wear I go for white and just got one put it on and left.

I get to the gym, 20 minutes into my workout I see that I have put on my Broke Straight Boys shirt. I was a little shocked.... I would not normally be as bold as to wear a shirt like this to work out in. I thought not to many here and I never come at this hour so oh well. The last part of my workout I use the cardio glide which is in front of ree weights. There is a wall of mirros a couple of rows in front of me, I'm looking around and notice this gym GOD using the free weights behind me. He is young, very good looking and a body to die for. He has muscle everywhere, but is not huge (don't like that) he is just right. I notice that he seems to be watching me. I thought no way is he watching me and then it hit me, he's looking at the back of my shirt, which has BIG Broke Straight Boys logo on it. I kind of turn my head to the side but move only my eyes back to the mirror and without a question he is watching me. I got a little worried, is this guy going to kick my ass or something? So I cut the workout short and head to the locker room. I always hit the steam room after and it's a great place to meet guys and have some fun if you know what I mean.

In the lockerroom, I am taking my time and then it happens the same guy walks in to the lockerroom, looks my way, heads to his locker across the room from me. I started to panic a little, I didn't know what was going to happen. No I'm not going to change and go home. I glance back a couple of times and he's still watching me. So undressed I head to the showers and walk right past him, as I do he says hi, I say hi and keep going. In the showers two open rows across from eachother. I take the stall in the back, with handicaped stall across from it. I shower as I turn around another shower comes on, it's him across from me one down with full view of each other. I try not to make eye contact or look at him but fuck this guy's HOT!!!

Describing him he's 6'2", thick wavy black hair no facial hair, but strong jaw line, broad shoulders capped with two balls of muscle leading to muscular arms. Dark rich brown skin, hispanic, american indian. His chest (I have to tell you I love chest and nips) is cut by diamonds, two beautiful peaks of pecs with hard suckable nipples set on top. Stomach mostly flat but not skinny, but no extra pounds. Trimmed bush, nice cut cock hanging around 5 and thick, over nice size balls hanging not too low in his hairless sack. Thighs are big, if I were between them he could crush my ribs. Only hair on him is head, pits,(I have a thing for pits) trail to his bush. No other hair at all anywhere, natural.

Back to the shower, I do my thing hoping I don't start to chub up in front of him. I try not to look but do and he is looking at me, last time I look at him he is soaping up his dick and balls and yes it's getting bigger, totally freaked out, I put on my shorts and head to the steam room around the corner. Inside I sit down and start to play with myself thinking about it still not sure why he's looking at me or why he was starting to get hard, but know I liked it. OMG was he HOT. I'm not dumb but just did not think someone like him would be into me. I hear the shower shut off, a moment later he comes in and sits down next to me and as he does says hi again and he only has a towel on, puts it under him to sit on so his bare ass is not on the tile. Steam room is L shaped with an upper and lower level I am on the lower level where the two parts meets to have the best view area and he sits next to me on the upper level as most do, with my head at just the right level to see the good stuff. I say hi we make small talk for a while. Talk about my workout, he said you didn't seem to stay on the cardo glide very long. My eyes get big as all get out, I quickly say, yeah I guess I just was not in the mood. (so he really was watching me) He asks how ofter I come to the gym, I said 4 times a week, but never in the morning, I just woke up early, decided why not. He always comes mornings, after work. He is a tech for CAT scans at hosp. and his girlfriend's a nurse workings opposit shift so she is gone when he gets off. I said that must suck for you, he says yea it does or rather she doesn't cause she is already gone to work. I think to myself wow he is bringing up blow jobs, yes I am so going to suck this guy off. As we talk we continue to shift more towards facing each other him on the upper level, me on the lower. His towel which he is partly using to sit on and the rest wrapped around him covering the good stuff he uses a few times to wipe sweat from his face and then he just pushes it off to the side of him, so I can see it all now. He is sort of fingering it from time to time, in a not so obvious way. He then says I noticed your Broke Straight Boys shirt while you were out in the gym. Where did you get it? (he was watching me)

I told him that BluMedia sent it to me and asked if he knew the web site. He said he saw a couple of clips on xtube thought it was kind of cool. He said at first it took him a minute to figure out where he had seen the logo but once he did, he thought he would come and talk to me about it. So I asked him, about looking at a gay website and he said that he has thought about it several times, being with a guy, even had a friend hit on him once but it was too weird. He didn't know any other gay guys and once he saw my hairy chest, (which turns him on) he knew he wanted to see what would happen.

We talked about what he wanted to happen and I was kneeling down in front of him started licking his nipples and sucking them and running my tongue up and down his torso across his chest, my hands were everywhere on his body, his cock fully hard and throbbing in my hand at 8.5 inches and very thick with a fat ol head on it. OHHHHH Fuck!!!

I licked his cock, I sucked it asked him if he minded me taking my time, and he said no but what if someone comes in, I said don't worry about it. He was cool. I worked his cock, balls, abs, chest which he arched his back forward and slides his head back, so I start to kiss my way up his chest to his neck, lightly sucking, licking and kissing his neck he slowly bring his face down and as I slowly jack his cock my other hand is rubbing his tight hot hard chest and nipple. His head comes down I pull away till our faces are side by side eyes open looking deep into eachothers he moves his face towards mine and his lips touch mine and we kiss in a locked stare and what started as a gentel kiss on the lips turns into full blown passion kissing. Our hands all over eachother. He pulls my body forward onto him and we are locked in kissing for several minutes.

I have to say that kissing is the best way to get me going. He was a great kisser!!!! WOW!!!! After a while I move my way back down his body and onto his cock again. With our hands all over eachother and him pulling me off his cock to kiss me again and back down I would go. At one point he started to squeeze me with his thighs so I stopped and picked up one of his legs and put it over my shoulder and started just above his knee on his inner thigh kissed and licked my way to the mother ship. As I got to the bend of his leg and placed my face between his leg and his balls and started to lick and kiss him and this sent him into outter space I thought he was going to fall off the seat. I continued on and rolled him with his back into the corner and lifted his legs and licked my way to his ass hole and tonged him good. I really thought he shot his load at one point he was moaning so much. He lowered his legs all of a sudden and said no more for now, here so I went back to sucking him off and soon he came bucks of cum for me. We kissed some more and he said he wanted to try more with me and suggested that we head to his place to continue.

So we did, we picked up where we left off, he worked me over head to toe and then I let him fuck me, and can I just say holly fuck dude, I will never be the same..... After a short break, he has shot two loads now and I have not gotten off, so I worked him back up and eat him out for a very long time, and he was all over that bed, I am truely thankful the cops didn't get called. He sucked me to hardness and I mounted that fucker and fucked my way to heaven and you know what he LOVED it.

We layed in bed talking after and he is not ready to give up the girl and I'm not looking for a boyfriend, so the ball is in his court to contact me. It has only been a day and he has sent me several texts.

So I have to say thank you a thousand and one times to Mark and Steve for the Broke Straight Boys shirt. This was one of my hottest sex times and as he said he would have never talked to me if it had not been for my Broke Straight Boys shirt. So thank you for the shirt and look for something extra special in your x-mas stocking this year from me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I hope you enjoyed my story.
haha keep us posted! i want the next scene update to this one for sure!
That would make a great episode. Oh and I want a t-shirt.
Thank you Jeffv71

Wow! This forum was never a place to exchange hot sex stories, (much to my chagrin), but over the last two days, I've read some "doozies". If this keeps up, Broke Straight Boys will be where I get off to both visual and written stimuli. Thanks for the detailed exciting story of your own "Not So Broke Straight Boys" from the gym.
Thanks Jeff!

Jeff, it's obvious that you are one great cocksucker and writer. I for one would like to be kept up to date on both of those two great tallents.

Thanks so much for remembering the details to pass on to all of us.
Awesome story! Never would have thought a Broke Straight Boys shirt would have started this off! :)

BTW Jerry, the T-Shirts can be ordered by clicking "Broke Straight Boys Store" link above. They are personally packaged and shipped by me.
When I searched for the Darron Bluu thread a few minutes ago, I saw the new feature of “Similar Threads” listed below and saw this one. I didn’t remember it. I see it was from 2010, and I just re-read it and Wow is it HOT!!! The dude was wearing his Broke Straight Boys shirt and met a straight muscle guy who lived with his girlfriend, while working out in the gym early one morning.

Our forum has such a rich history of members and posts. I loved finding this “hidden gem”, hidden deep in our archives, through the new “similar posts” feature. Very cool!!!