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How do members send a personal message to a BSB Models


Sep 7, 2010
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San Diego, California
I would like to send a personal message to Diesal Is there a way to do that on the site. I realize that his personal e-mail address may be unavailable, but would like to chat with him about his visit to San Diego, California for San Diego Pride. I am sorry I missed meeting him when he was here.
Diesal has a profile page here, that you can post on, but we cannot PM the models. You could leave a message on his page and maybe he would get back to you. I think they can PM us, if they choose to. "Broke Straight Boys" or "ChuckBluMedia" would be the ones to ask.
Click the member button, then go to the "D" pages, and look for Diesal Click on his profile, and leave a profile message. Being new, is not being ignorant. Didn't your favorite teacher tell you, there were no stupid questions?

Welcome to the forum, I hope you post a lot more.:biggrin:
Hello and thank you for your post.

I thought I would post some helpful tips on how to search on the forums here including finding if your favorite model is on Broke Straight Boys:

First of all we hope to have Diesal back on the forums soon so he can catchup with what he has been up to lately.

Okay, lets say you want to find models postings or mentions of threads of the model and you don’t know their username.

(Hint: Most models on here use the name BrokeModelname. Ex: Diesals is: BrokeDiesal other models ex: BrokeJace, broke-mikerobbins, BrokeDerek etc)

The way you find models pages is through the search function:

Click on the "Search" Button above.

Click "Advanced Search"

Type in their name in the user name field, uncheck the box below: "exact match" unless you know their full user name. You can keep the "find posters by name" drop down.

press the "Search Now" or press enter on your keyboard

This will pull up all threads from your search.

above all these threads started it will show "Posts made by:" with user names that match your search. Go ahead and try it out. Type in the search "broke" with the exact match unchecked.

This should be your result: http://members.brokestraightboys.com/forum/search.php?searchid=71057

Hope this helps!

You can also go to the main page and click the link for "View Forum Leaders" for all of the models profiles. :) As well as the admins.