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Hope Paul and Adam will join the forum!!!

Dear Brother Ambivalent,

What an inspired thread.

I've found myself of late wishing I could exchange comments with a number of the new models:
Paul, Adam, John Silver and Joey C., for example.

As yet more evidence of the distancing effect of his lack of presence during past shoots, Carson's absence on
the board seems only logical: a non- issue. I would be fairly shocked if he did show up here. Can anyone imagine
what that would be like?

Hey, Jon -

Please be kind and gentle with TG. After all, if any of us were really "real" - - - would we be here in the first place??? LOL!!!

"A" ;-)
To whom it may concern. Quite a while back, forum members were allowed to send private messages to models but this was stopped as some wierdoes kinda stalked the models and were even asking for personal information such as cell numbers and addresses. After a while and after Broke Straight Boys 2.5 the models started posting again but then it was revealed that they got paid for posting, so to me it is not genuine. At the end of the day, the models come along, do their shoot, get paid and go home to their alleged straight life. Some choose to have supplement their income based on their success at Broke Straight Boys, such as being paid to come on the forum, do Flirt4Free appearances or go on the Broke Straight Boys roadshow.