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hello all


Jul 10, 2014
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Hello everyone. I am a new member to the forum. I have been a Broke Straight Boys member for about 8 months and I love it. A little about me. I am an active duty infantry officer in the united states army and am proudly gay. I wanted to join the forum to hopefully meet and chat with people like me. I look forward to many conversations.
Welcome Dman!! I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Like it was said on another thread, there are a lot of different type of people on this site, and for the most part everyone is a sweetheart. Always feel free to have your point of view on the porn or chatting threads. If you need any help hopping around the forum the Mgmt or any long time member will help you. Again welcome from Seattle (home of the superbowl champs) lol I'll say that anytime I can until next year.....