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Have you seen this?

Denny Bear

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Oct 20, 2008
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Sioux City, IA
Not to sound like a commercial and no I am not affiliated with Blu Media but if you have not yet taken Mark up on his deal to join Broke Collage Boys this might be a good time as the latest video is turning things upside down. These two boys are HOT and SPICY! I was left with wondering how to vote a 6. Hopefully Mark wont mind if I tease you with a couple pics. :thumbup:


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Thanks, Denny! I haven't watched their vid yet. See ya later! :w00t:
Denny! You are so right! LOVED that vid! Their imaginations were running wild with those positions! That kitchen is going to need a cleaning! LOL!

The guys were funny, and Landon is certainly flexible, and the little Aussie is quite the deep throat, too! Jason: "You are so damn tight!" Landon: "That's because you are so damn big!" LOL! Just a very very fun vid to watch.

I gave it a 5!
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Guess this is as good a place as any to ask the question of Mark. Is the deal still on? I looked for it in the forum where it had been and couldn't find it. As I recall, one joins and then contacts you for a reduced rate?
haha thanks Denny, It is a good video indeed.

If you guys want to join College Dudes, here is the original post that Mark posted to get the discount.

No problem Stephen you got my address to send my commission check............ Just kidding guys, geese get a life. LOL Actually I'm working for myself. The way I see it the more members to the site the more money Mark makes. The more money Mark makes the more money he spends filming new models. The more new models that Mark hires the happier that Denny is. So you see I'm working for myself. :w00t: