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Have any BSB memebers loved a straight dude?

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Jun 21, 2009
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I still love him...will always love him...yeah, we did it all...I was his bud...he did it for me...not proud of that looking back...wish I kept it on the "bud level"...guess it wouldn't be on my mind now.if I had...

David Jean-Paul was the sexiest piece of luggage I ever toted... Would be his porter forever...he rode the train and got off...god, I hope he is happy...I am...still horny for him tho...

So fess up...Tuscon, Jay, the rest..don't change the subject...follow the thread...Slim, I a-waitin'...

Any of you ever really, really love a straightie?
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It started with Danny Littler in high school and then there was Steve Willmot in college...
I did, didn't I? Don't worry. Nothing happened but even his girlfriend knew and was cool with it because I really wasn't any competition...
Three decades of my life i have only loved straight guys. At least twelve were real long relationship that all ended when the time came, but the ride s were all great. I was their only lover and many were so deep in hiding their relationships with me that I became involved in the rel.ationship with girlfriends to hide what we were doning. Not sexual relationship with their girls but befriend them as their guy uncle or family member to conceal what we were doing. I will admit that money and my ability to make their lives better was a important driving force, but many of them to this day are very close friends of minds and i'm godfather to many of their's kids.
My partner of 5 years now is married and has 4 kids I am not sure if he was straight ,curious or what. I think he was bi and was scared byfamily and society into being straight I think it was more sad than erotic but there you go
My answer Stevie, is an emphatic YES. There have been many many straight guys that I loved. Are you asking about guys that I have had sexual relationships with, or straight guys that I have had unrequited love affairs with?

There is one young man who I worked with, and became friends with, despite our age difference. He was 19 and I was 31. We did have one night of very passionate love making, but that was all he was interested in, although we remain friends today, over twenty five years later. He is happily married with two sons. And there have been countless others, who I became infatuated with, that I fantasized over nightly, but understood that their sexual attraction was towards women, and their interest in me was as a friend.

One of my strongest loves was for a college friend during my sophomore year. He was a very attractive Irish guy named John. One drunken night, after spending the evening and early morning in the bar, we came back to my room, and I remember saying, "John. I love you". And his response was, "I know". I guess I was rather obvious to him how much I cared for him. He recognized it, and cared for me as a friend, but did not love me back.

I have always been primarily attracted to straight guys.
Dave Forster. He sat in front of me in Philosophy 101 and I fell in love with his neck. We were besties for two years at UNC and once jacked each other off. But it was far more complex than that. He later married the girl who a couple of years previously had waked me up in the middle of the night during a weekend at the beach, to deflower her. Before full mental coherence was reached on my part, I very densely asked her what the matter was. She hadn't expected to have to give reasons for waking a horny dude while everyone else was asleep, so she said her calf muscles had cramped and could I do something about it. I was terribly sleepy, so I told her to get in with me and wrapped my arms around her tight and pushed her feet down with mine, straightening her legs. And went back to sleep. She had to wake me back up to fuck her, determined virgin that she was. She and Dave had me in common but even so I was shocked to hear they had got married; you don't need to do that just to remind yourself of a one-off lay.

Dave and I shared a bed with my girlfriend once at a house party, but she was in the middle. I remember that I lazily caressed her opposite flank at one point and Dave moaned. I realized that he had his stiff dick pressed against her hip so I did it again. He had the grace to moan the second time too. It was reasonable on his part to think that this was going from good, to better. But I wasn't about to lunge over Beth to get at Dave and he was too shy to make any kind of move except with his vocal cords, so that was all that happened. I loved him unreservedly and he did me in a less carnal way, but we were both straight, so there was almost no sex--even though we both knew there should, by rights, have been masses.

I'm editing this to say that it's just occurred to me that Dave might have thought it was Beth caressing her own flank, or actually caressing his pink stiffy which she could feel pressing moistly against her. I've remembered that moment for decades as a Dave/Slim moment, but it's possible it had nothing at all to do with me...
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