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Has manage ment ever considered


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Sep 7, 2011
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Putting some blooper moments or outtakes or just some funny stuff.

Two come to mind:

There is a scene with Bobby where apparently he is getting his first rim job. I laughrd so hard when he turned around and said Did you spit in my ass,

The second was awhile ago with one of the first models I think Jamie

Here was a kid who played straight to the hilt. Maybe he was. He was in a threesome and one of the guys came up behind him and put his dick in Jamies ass. All of a sudden jamie yells Hello. You have to see it

I'm sure you guys have other funny scenes you could share?:w00t:
Back in April I wrote the following recommendations...

04-09-2011, 11:29 AM

To make it more real for the folks back home, don't you think...


I believe that I have a new improvement to propose for our site, maybe even good enough to qualify for Broke Straight Boys-3. Since there is not a lot of drama associated with most solos, wouldn't it be nice to refer to “old sound-effects” tracks such as squealing tires in a burnout; or the sound of hoofs pounding the ground at a full gallop; or the sound of a gangster's machine gun going off in rapid fire mimicking an erupting rapid-fire orgasm; or maybe even a single engine prop-plane with a infrequent miss in the engine sound sputtering above in the cloudy sky up to the very top, missing a few beats and finally spiraling downward, ultimately to be followed by the "money shot" with the sound of the plane as it begins its final dive faster, ever faster toward the predictable crash immediately preceded by a near silent spell. Just the thought of it really gets my motor running! Don't it make you want to put on your aviator goggles, your leather helmet, and smear on some engine oil on your forehead and cheeks, now don't it though? Lord-a-mercy!

That is it! That is it! I think that added dimension to any Broke Straight Boys solo would defeat any unrealistic story the poorly coached model would have to share with us, keep the interviewer at bay with any unappreciated added comments, and have the ever-faithful Broke Straight Boys followers on the edge, that is the edge of your seat. Then, for anal scenes, maybe the sound of a train whistle reverberating as it enters a tunnel and the skidding emergency stop sound as the train screeches to a halt before running over the “damsel in distress” thoughtlessly tied to the prophetic railroad tracks as the top withdraws, removes his condom, and spews forth all over the bottom’s package, chest, and for special occasions maybe even a lip or two. Now that is what I call drama!

I’ll take a bucket of popcorn and a “gigantor-sized” Coke, please! What’s the second feature going to be? Suggestions anyone?


Stimpy, the old movie buff
I just thought they should show the deletred stuff that doesn't make the final product. Anybody who thinks this real I got one word for ya. WWE
I'm sure there are a lot of people that would enjoy the out takes. I, personally, am not a big fan of it. For me it's all about the fantasy and some of that realism kills it for me. I don't really want to know too much.

But... since solo scenes are about as appealing to me as wet cardboard, Stimpy's ideas about the sound effects seems pretty amusing to me. I could see a whole 'Pop-up video' thing going on. Reminds me of when my buddies and I used to sit around watching Spanish soap operas and making up the dialog. :)

Even better, you could add some games to the site. How about Porn Star Poker, Cum-shot Canasta or Solo Solitaire (kind of redundant, but you get the point.) You could put the models' pictures on the back of the cards. Hmmm.... who would be the joker?