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Guys, what does it feel like to cum?

Let me begin with my first unforgettable experience,

I've always wondered what boys feel like right before, during and after you orgasm. Please enlighten me :biggrin:

Dear wannabepreppie,

When you are doing it for your first time ever (and as an inexperienced male, I didn't even know it is called "jacking off", much less masturbation) and too naive to even realize precisely what it was exactly I was doing, well let me tell you it is every bit as exhilarating as the first time sky diving attempt or such flirtations with any near-death experiences imaginable and, all the while inwardly knowing my life has been permanently and irretrievably changed as a consequence.

My only compass used as my guide while pursuing this endeavor was as follows: as I began I was instinctively increasing the more and more pleasurable sensations achieved through stroking your fully- or semi-engorged dick; rubbing it on anything from the freshly folded towels, my sister's clean underwear in her drawer, a kitchen heat-resistant potholder, a throw pillow off the living room couch, my pet (be it cat or dog) named simply "Pickle", or my mother's bra trustingly deposited in the dirty clothes hamper; and/or lightly tickling myself generally in the groin area until my favorite single-eyed and ever faithful friend joined me raised in full salute. It is like a cat and mouse game from this point onward with its playfulness, followed by rough handling, and back to playfulness again testing my unknown limits, all the while using anything in close proximity capable of providing some increased sensation (positive or otherwise). The characteristically frenzied movements started instinctively at an ever increasing pace all because it felt sooooooooo good, in fact no other motivator had cried out in frustration yet. For this moment of moments, feelings acted as my compass and they were doing all the driving. On a more cerebral level, I was thinking about getting rid of and ultimately mastering "uncontrolled and unrequested erections" by magically providing "obedience training" in some form to this all too frequent-flier problem raising its all too frequently ugly and wet head. It increasingly seemed to be poking its head mockingly into too much of my business lately. So prominently displayed, it was hell-bent on letting itself be known to one and all broadcasting through the front of my fashionably tight slacks. Those embarrassing giggles and occasional thumps committed more frequently by not only equally embarrassed boys in my class, but the boys dressing room, the cafeteria lunch line, or in the hallway. Virtually everywhere I turned and my one-eyed pall turned up, too. Who knew what evil lurked at this point? While attending a catholic middle school, the ever-so unique experience of having this near saint (a Nun) ask you to stand up before answering the question, then all too hurriedly telling you, "you may now sit down (even before attempting your answering)". What to think of all of this? Oh!, the inhumanity of it all! Why the endless episodes of personal mortification? And, through no conscious effort of my own in its creation: as if possessed by demonic remote control such a momentarily bulging problem you hadn't asked even for? Coming from an assumed "virginal nun" multiplies the personal embarrassment factor some 10 fold.

Getting back to my first experience, it was such an utter adrenaline rush once crossing that inevitable "point of no return" regardless of how pleasurable it was on its approach. Flying by the seat of your pants for the first time, the orgasmic chain of events slowly unfolded making me feel like I just took at full force punch to my gut, I was out of breath and now cross-eyed, and my whole body felt it was moments, ,no only seconds away, from a complete meltdown and cataclysmic explosion - molten lava bubbling deep down below. I was so confused at the time of my first orgasm. Before this event, I had no expectation of ejaculating anything because I didn't even know it even existed. Regardless, my boyishly smooth body was somehow flooded with instantaneous pleasurable and painful feelings thus permanently encoding in my "main" brain this so very vivid combination of sensations too irresistible to resist, henceforth. I knew instinctively I was to be forever permanently addicted or hooked to this momentarily nameless pastime, a boner junkie of sorts and all that it implies. I later on had a close friend relating that this very subject was broached without reservation or pause at the dinner table, when suddenly all of the plates, silverwear, and napkins were collected food uneaten and the rest of the family, as if already tipped off, cleared the table! Wow, what power these words have!

Returning to me and my newly found dilemma, my eyes became dilated and my writhing on the couch cushion, placed earlier on the floor, could only be characterized as uncontrollable spasms, now approaching near hurricane strength/grand mal seizure levels, I persevered through the bumps and grinds, twists and turns of my first legitimate orgasm. Being the first survivor of an actual orgasm with my limited awareness, it may have only lasted from 2- to 5-seconds. Nevertheless, this was the longest interval of time in recorded history or so I thought. At least, previously experienced by me, only approximated by time travel in outerspace. While the quantity of cum cannot for historical or scientific reasons be quantified, having had no basis for comparison or some readily available kitchen Pyrex measuring cup, the actual orgasm induced by my prostate was the most intense and divinely pleasurable experience in my slowly evolving torso of 11- to 12-years. I often think nostalgically about how really outstanding it actually was to live through and be able to tell about it, even some fifty years later. If I had one sexual fantasy left to ever come true in my remaining life, it would be to revisit this most exquisite and satisfyingly momentous event in my young adult life.

Cumrag27, Over and Out!

P.S. Pausing now from relishing so much in my innermost personal moment, I cannot help but try to counterbalance it for the endless numbers of innocent children (and now currently adults) whose would-be most cherished personal moment was selfishly stolen and ripped from them permanently by some despicable low-life. Instead of having lifelong pleasurable memories such as mine to findly think about, these innocents must try to reconcile the inevitable sense of personal guilt or self-doubt resulting from this violation of their most precious person hood perpetrated so wrongly against them, even though not deserved for even a split second. Monsters who prey on innocent children age 18 or younger, still lurk amongst us today like some combined and mutated Dinosaur/Cock Roach seemingly unstoppable in their predatory habits and tracks. I extend an open hand in genuine support, compassion, and acceptance for those so preyed upon!
What ist like to cum.

For me when I get worked up to a certian degree it kind of builds up inside not in a painful way but a demanding way like closer and closer I get it feels like a train getting ready to fly out of there and if doesnt come out my dick will explode. And when it does it is a feeling of relief and release.
Gooooood.....but messy. I can relate to some of Cumrag's memories. It is a bit of a dilema being a young boy frequently getting erections and wanting to rub yourself but knowing the short term enjoyment comes at the price of sticky white stuff that is not always convenient to hide.

What's it like for you Wannabe?

Undies, I'm not sure if the guys really want to hear about a girls orgasm. But it's def A-MA-ZING! I mean, I didn't do it 19 times in a day to get carpel tunnel!