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Guy Fawkes' night - 5 Nov


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
It's Guy Fawkes night tonight, so there will be fireworks and bonfires alight all over the UK and some Commonwealth countries. It's a spectacular scene especially if the night is clear - if you're in an aeroplane its really good sight.

Alas tonight Leeds is like dredge city and it's persisting it down with rain. I shall endevour to walk the 1.5miles to the pub bonfire in about 1hrs time.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Guy Fawkes story here is a clip from Wiki

Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries,[1][2] belonged to a group of Roman Catholic restorationists from England who planned the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.[3] Their aim was to displace Protestant rule by blowing up the Houses of Parliament while King James I and the entire Protestant, and even most of the Catholic, aristocracy and nobility were inside. The conspirators saw this as a necessary reaction to the systematic discrimination against English Catholics.[4]

The Gunpowder Plot was led by Robert Catesby, but Fawkes was put in charge of its execution. He was arrested a few hours before the planned explosion, during a search of the cellars underneath Parliament in the early hours of 5 November prompted by the receipt of an anonymous warning letter.

Guy Fawkes Night (or "bonfire night"), held on 5 November in the United Kingdom and some parts of the Commonwealth, is a commemoration of the plot, during which an effigy of Fawkes is burned, often accompanied by a fireworks display. The word "guy", meaning "man" or "person", is derived from his name.[5]
Thanks for the history lesson Jon. I hope you had a great night!
Hey there Jon, thanks for that.
I work with a lot of pommes and they were all talking about it yesterday so it was cool to read your history exert.

haha poor things though, it was perisisting down with rain here in NZ last night but it didn't stop those Brits getting out to watch the fireworks....good on em that is what I call commitment and patriotism!!:w00t:
Well the night went very well. Luckily the rain stopped and when I got to the bonfire it was already lit and burning madly. I went for a beer with my friend and went out to warm ourselves next to the fire. We then tucked in to some Pork Pie and peas and then the fireworks started - excellent display. After it all ended we went back to the pub and ended up winning the quiz night. Good night all round even though there was no gayness or sex. Just goes to show that it's not everything...