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Getting to know Chad.......


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
So i've been getting to know Chad quite a bit the last week and a half. He is a great guy and has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen lol. I haven't really told him that but I guess he will read it here haha. This is the first time I've met him but he is a hard worker and a great part of the team. He I had to talk him into this picture I took of him but I thought you guys would enjoy it. :)


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seeing that picture of chad, just increases my desire to see him on the tour.
Is this an attempt at pole dancing? haha

Mark's been in Florida! :wink: I recognize that beautiful ocean and sunshine. It's all the more beautiful with Chad there.

I hope you've had a good time down here Mark! :001_smile:
Thanks for the picture. I love anything concerning Chad. I am ready for another eposide with Chad and another hot guy. Soon, please.
Chad is the best...sexy, alluring, daring...need more of him on the site...take 1 Chad over 1,000 Jimmies...isn't it time to retire him?!?
Mark, I KNOW that you took more than one picture of my CHAD:001_wub::001_wub::001_wub:..............

.....who is sooooo much hotter than Mikey's Kodi.........
I do like that one, but I can't see those amazing eyes in that one:001_wub:........sigh:001_wub:.....swoon:blush:.........
There is no picture that could even do his eyes justice lol.

Awww... Mark is smitten. :blush: That's so sweet! lol :thumbup1:

But, you really should try...........

So post a dozen or two, and I will tell you which ones are best.:biggrin:

Ms.K is right Mark. Sometimes even the impossible is worth a try. haha I trust you have taken more than one good pic down here in Florida. lol Would you mind sharing more with us? :)